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Cultures and customs

Matches Solutions: grade 8 (unit 7)

Tom Collier

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Cultures and customs

People are different £9.49 All over the world people have different cultures and customs-
different views on how to act and what is important. * We will look at some of the different customs that exist
today. Customs & Cultures There is no true 'right' way
to live. Cultures have simply invented
rules and 'norms' (what people
think is normal).

It is easy to believe that the way you live is the correct way, but the 'correct' way
does not exist! Finland World Wife Carrying Championships in Sonkajärvi This competiton happens every year
year. The men must win races
carrying their wives over obstacles! The prize... is the wife's weight in beer = England Cheese rolling,
Gloucestershire For over 200 years the people of Brockworth,
Gloucestershire have held an annual 'cheese rolling'
event. A large wheel of cheese is rolled down a
steep hill and contestants run after it. The winner
wins the cheese! Some people are injured every year. During the war... Cheese was rationed (the government
controlled how much people could each
have) so from 1941 to 1954 they used
a wooden wheel instead! India Holi Holi is a Hindu festival that takes place
in many countries. It is a festival of colour
where people of all ages throw powder
paint at each other! It is considered the
happiest and most colourful day of the year. Flowers of the Dhak plant are
used for the traditional paints. Unusual customs Japanese customs Can you think of
any interesting customs in Vietnam? TO: STUDENTS
FROM: TEACHER Bentoō boxes Bentoō boxes are given to school
children by their mothers.
They spend a long time making them look very beautiful- it is a way for them to show everyone what a good mum they are and compete with the other mothers!
Bentoō should be eaten completely, so they will also be careful to make food that the child likes. Kimono The traditional dress of Japan is the kimono.
There are different styles for married
women and unmarried women. Also, the
style of kimono changes with the season.
In spring, kimonos are colourful with
springtime flowers on them. In autumn,
kimono colours are not as bright. Thicker,
flannel kimonos are ideal for winter, they
are made from a heavier material to help keep people warm. Can you think
of any Japanese
customs you
know? Vietnam These began in the 12th century in the flooded rice fields of the Mekong Delta.
Traditional music is played along with the show. Water puppet shows Here is a video of a show in Hanoi... One of the traditional dresses in Vietnam is the áo dài. African cultures This is a traditional dance from Benin, Africa. Benin Ethiopia Ethiopian food is often served on
a sort of flat bread. The bread
is used instead of chopsticks or knives
and forks to pick up the meat or
vegetables. Gabon This is a traditional mask of
the Tsogo people in Gabon. Stereotypes
'All Americans...'
'All men...' Anything that starts with is probably a stereotype Can you think of some stereotypes
you know? ....and do you think they are true? Choose 3 countries and
think of some stereotypes
you have heard for them.
Then decide whether you
think they are... Very true
Not really true
Not true The... ...end! Many of the words or descriptions can be used to describe one person, but it is when the same word is used to describe a group (a country, gender etc.) that it becomes a stereotype. They can be good or bad. A stereotype is a word or an idea that
is used to describe a group of people. Sponsored by: Around the world! ...a Spanish custom... ?
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