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Ruined (Play by Lynn Nottage)

No description

Somalia Williamson

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Ruined (Play by Lynn Nottage)

(Play by Lynn Nottage)
Dramaturgy Presentation by:

Somalia R. Williamson

The themes of this play are power, greed and struggles. Overall, I believe that the umbrella theme is survival. This play is about the battle for power, not only for land or possessions, but also for their own lives. Everyone is trying their hardest to hold on to something or move up in whatever means that they can manage. It really opens eyes to how war can affect people and the measures at which many would have to go through in order to accomplish the right to live.
Production History
Kinshasa and Chad
The Playwright
Chronology and Historical Context
In Africa:
Women for Women International
Rape, Murder, Rummaging
Poor living conditions

In America:
Hurricane Katrina - 2005
Conflict between Georgia and Russia
Iraq and Afghanistan
President Barack Obama
Sensory Materials
Ignorance is bliss

It continues ->
Standard morality
"There is a global consensus that exist that says it's okay for nearly 6 million black people to die in the heart of Africa, and for us to be silent."
-Maurice Carney

"Why is it that nobody's talking about it?"
"This America is the same community that said... when there was Holocaust... no more."
- Yaa Lengi Ngemi
Spoke to Yombo Bakabila of CNC News nd stated that her main goal is to tell the truth because "the truth is universal."
Experienced two different performances of
that actually took place in Africa.

In Kinshasa, DR of Congo:
Did not like it
4 1/2 hours
Women were "raped"
Spent time wrecking the bar
Weird costume and lighting ideas

Enjoyed it, minus one actor
- Found out his story
"I did your play to stand in solidarity with my daughter."
Stuck to the script
Women artist there are considered prostitutes
"If Obama and/or the U.N. made one public statement about military defending the elected Congolese government against invasion, the M23 militia would have never acted. But at the U.N. the Obama administration has been actively protecting this group."
- Mr. Cooke
All my plays are about people who have been marginalised, who have been erased from the public record."
- The Guardian
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