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"The Lottery" literary analysis

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james wilson

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of "The Lottery" literary analysis

Shirley Jackson was born in San Francisco on December 14, she grew up in Burligame,California, where she started to write short stories and poetry
Shirley Jackson
The types of conflicts are Human vs Human because they stone the winner and Human vs Society because of the people who try to fight the lottery.
The black box: The box is old and falling apart just like the tradition of this town.

The slips of paper: Each piece of paper represents equality between all the citizens.

The stones: The stones symbolize death
:~Childless coal business owner
~Conducts the lottery
Tessie Hutchinson
:~Wife of Bill
~Mother of 3
~Winner of the lottery
Mr.Harry Graves:
~Helps assist the lottery
Bill Hutchinson
:~1st draws marked paper
~2nd draws blank paper
~Husband of Tessie
"The Lottery" literary analysis
Some irony in the story is the title because by the name of the story "The lottery" it sounds like someone is going to win something when it is really the opposite.

In the Beginning it was a clear sunny day but as the story moved along it became dark and eerie.
"Its the wickedness of ordinary people."
She attended the University of Rochester and later after that she attended Syracuse University in 1937 and published her first story called Janice
Shirley Jackson died August 8Th, 1965 at the age of 48 because of heart failure.
In the beginning all the people gather for the Lottery and they begin the Rituals
Rising Action
All the head of households come up and grab their paper and wait until they are told to open them
The Hutchinson family has to go and draw from the Lottery again but this time it everyone in the house.
Falling Action
Everyone in the town waits as the Hutchinson family chooses their Lottery ticket again so that they can see who has won the lottery
Mrs. Hutchinson ends up winning the Lottery and gets stoned to death
The main conflict in the story is finding out who the winner of the lottery is.
Something else ironic is that Mr.Hutchinson said he had forgotten what day it was but really you would not be able to forget something so awful.
People like you and me could be more wicked and cruel than what we expect.
Quotes from "The Lottery."
"Clean forgot what day it was." Mrs Hutchinson
"Time sure goes by fast." Mrs. Graves
"It isn't fair, it isn't right." Mrs. Hutchinson
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