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MKT 310

IMC presentation

Daniel Lewan

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of MKT 310

Objective One:
Online Advertising
Product Placement
Advertising Outlets:
Means end theory
Use of humor and emotion
Use of dramatization
and demonstration
Creative Brief
Consumer Promotions
Cause Related Marketing
Green Marketing
Cinema Advertising
Mall Kiosks
Point of Purchase Displays Alternative Marketing
Programs Persuasion
Top of mind and choice
Advertising Goals: $ 60,000,000
Budget: The Customer Business-to-Business Targeting Salons
and Beauty
Industry Leaders Personal Selling Direct Marketing Advertising Permission
Marketing Frequency programs Promotions Sponsorship Sales team to the "Big Guys" "Portable Air Girls" Budget: $60,000,000 Distribution Channel 40% 40% 20% ($60,000,000)
Slotting Fee
Retail Contest
Trade Promotion Packaging
Recyclable Material
Finding customers

Database Management Direct Marketing Magazines Ads Trade Journals BoRics Fantastic Sams Regis Targeting small salons Sampling Low Cost 15% off!!! Free Stuff!!!!! Freedom at Last!! Dan Lewan
Kyle Blythe
Brennen Worke
Matt Perry
Daeten Smith Recap: Objectives Budget Goals Product Some pay the ultimate price for freedom...... For you it is only $49.99
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