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Balanced vs. unbalanced Forces

No description

jordan w

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Balanced vs. unbalanced Forces

Balanced forces have the same amount of forces so gravity doesn't allow the object to move
If you are playing tug a war there are times you are pulling at same strength as the other team but you stay in the same spot.
The teams are pulling the same strength but staying in the same spot because they are balanced.
Unbalanced forces on a trampoline if there is a heavy person is on and little person the little person will go up.
Unbalanced forces are not the same so the object will move one way or the other.
Balanced vs. Unbalanced Forces
One kid pushed off with his feet so the other kid went up because he does not have balanced forces with the other kid so it would be unbalanced forces.
The girl sat down and so her weight is going down and the chair is pulling up.
This is an unbalanced force because the jeep is bigger so the car does not have the same amount of force as the jeep.
The little kid is not as strong as the older person because she is taller and weights more.
Basic info

The two people are pushing the same weight so the object is not moving.
Basic info
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