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Causes of the French Revolution

No description

Chase Moore

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Causes of the French Revolution

The French Revolution
Causes of...
The Enlightenment
After the Renaissance in Europe
Expands on Renaissance Ideas About Learning and Education
John Locke
People have natural rights.

Social Contract between people and the government.
Enlightenment thinkers influence people to demand rights from Kings and Queens.
American Revolution embraces Enlightenment ideas
Economic Troubles
Poor Harvests (1787-88)
Food Prices Rise
7 Years War
The Three Estates
The American Revolution
Royal Spending
Population Increases by 1/3 between 1740-1790
No Increase in Food Production
Cost of Rent Goes Up Homelessness
The Estates General
May 1789
Meeting of all 3 Estates
3rd Estate expects to have a say
Each estate given 1 vote, 3rd estate will always be outvoted
3rd estate gets upset and is eventually locked out of the meeting.
Tennis Court Oath
May 1789
Parisians Storm the Bastille
March to Versailles
New Constitution & Declaration of Rights
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was approved by the National Constituent Assembly of France, 26 August 1789.
When the price of bread went up because grain was scarce, men encouraged the women to protest. On October 5, 1789, the women began their march from Paris to Versailles!
Versailles, was a symbol extravagance and wealth,
On July 14, 1789, a mob of 800 Parisians assembled outside the Bastille, a grim medieval fortress used as a prison for political and other prisoners. The crowd demanded weapons and gunpowder believed to be stored there.
Louis XVI was frightened and immediately gave in to the women’s demands. He ordered all the bread from Versailles to be delivered to Paris.
1. Creates the National Assembly (3rd Estate)

2. The N.A. vows to not
disband until a
new Constitution is written.
The mob dragged the defenders of the Bastille through the streets, and cut off De Launay’s head to be displayed on a pole. This dramatic event has generally been considered the beginning of the French Revolution.
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