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Senior Project Presentation

Kujtes Nokshiqi

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of Chiropractic

Chiropractic By Kujtes Nokshiqi Table of Contents
Why I chose this
About the career
Educational Requirements
Different areas in the field
Job Shadowing
My Future Plans
Why I chose this career
Personal Experience
Area of medicine that does not have hospital enviroment
Developed interest in alternative medicine
Previously done research and was interested in knowing more Why I chose this:
Personal experience with chiropractor
Fascination with alternative medicine
Have done previous research and wanted to know more
Wanted to help people in similar way

About the career:
Form of alternative medicine
Focuses on helping body achieve "innate" or the ability to heal itself
No use of drugs or surgery
Mainly composed of spinal adjustments and manipulations Salary:
Depending on whether they work for/with somebody else or own their own office, chiropractors can make anywhere between $68,791 to $103,218 annually according to salary.com. Educational Requirements:
Recommended to take as many math and science courses as possible.
4 years of pre-medical education such as a (BS) such as biology, microbiology, chemistry, physics, etc.
4-5 years of professional studying in an accredited chiropractic school.
Passing of national board exam as well as becoming state-licensed. Training Requirements:
4-year academic program composed of classroom and clinical lessons.
Courses in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health and wellness,
microiology, pathology and more.
Principles and fundamentals of chiropractic.
Research on treatment methods.
Hands-on experience with patients.
Post graduate residency programs lasting between 2-3 years (optional). Different areas in the field:
Some practioners choose to specialize in internal disorders, sports injuries, orthopedics, diagnostic imaging, pediatrics, nutrition and neurology.
Traditional chiropractor- focuses on fixing subluxations and making patient "feel better."
Muscoskeletal chiropractor- focuses on relieving symptoms through manipulations and various types of therapy. Responsibilities:
Analyzing patient's posture and alignment of the vertebrae.
Locating subluxations in the spinal column and performing spinal manipulations to correct the subluxations.
Using other forms of therapy such as massages and acupunctures.
Recommending patients to go on nutrition and exercising plans.
Achieving goal of helping patient's body achieve innate without medications or surgeries. Job Shadowing:
Completed my hours at Family Wellness Chiropractic at 2011 W Northwest Hwy Suite 130, Grapevine, TX 76051.
Dr. Chad Williams DC as my mentor.
Observed a variety of patients who were being treated for different reasons.
Assisted with filing, taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, and leading patients to roller bed.
It was a fantastic experience and exposed me to a lot of what chiropractors deal with on a day-to-day basis. My future plans:
Though I originally had a goal in pursuing a career in chiropractic, I have made a decision to become a nurse practioner.
I will be attending the University of North Texas and majoring in Biology.
I plan on going to nursing school either at TWU or UTA.
If my mind does change and I do plan on going into chiropractic again or any other career in medicine, I will be able to do so with my major in biology, which is why it was the ideal choice of major for me.
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