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Shigeru Miyamoto - Sam

No description

shannon cross

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Shigeru Miyamoto - Sam

He wanted to have an ape as
the bad guy When Miyamoto was a child, he loved to go exploring. Shigeru Miyamoto was born just outside of Sonobe, Japan on November 16, 1952. Shigeru Miyamoto That cave later became the inspiration for much
of Miyamoto's later work. Yamauchi ran a company
called Nintendo company, Ltd..
Miyamoto set up a job interview
with Yamauchi, and he got the job. One day when he was exploring,
he came across a hole. After days of hesitation,
he gathered enough courage
to go inside. When he went inside , he discovered that the hole was
actually the opening of a cave! One day he came across a hole. He didn't know where it led, so he didn't venture inside. After days of hesitation, he
gathered up enough courage
to go inside. Later, when Miyamoto was in
his 20s', his parents contacted
an old friend of his, Hiroshi
Yamauchi. Later, at a press conference, Miyamoto
showed a new product of his: a wooden hanger.
He explained that the sharp ends of wire hangers
could be dangerous to children. The product sold! A few months later, Yamauchi wanted to expand
Nintendo's business. He wanted to make an arcade
game. It became Radar Scope. They made 3,000 units... But only 1,000 were bought. Since the product was a flop, Miyamoto was assigned
to make a new game. Miyamoto wanted to make a game different from the shooting
games at the time. He wanted to make something where the game advanced as you went on. He decided he wanted the good guy, the protagonist,
to have the ability to jump, so he named the character
Jumpman. So he named the ape "Donkey Kong". Kong from the movie "King Kong"... ...and "Donkey", because he
wanted the ape to be stubborn,
but not evil. This was the final result: Donkey Kong sold over 60,000 machines in a year,
and earned $180 million! Because Donkey Kong was such a big success,
Nintendo decided to make a home video game
console. The N E S i n y
n t s
t e t
e r e
n t m
d a
o i
t It was bundled with Nintendo's first
home console game, Super Mario Bros.. Super Mario Bros. sold over 40 million copies, becoming
the best-selling video game in the world until 2009,
when it was bypassed by Wii Sports (also made by Nintendo) Nintendo made three sequels to it, and
there's been some confusion. The first sequel was Super Mario Bros.:The Lost Levels.
This was only released in Japan because Nintendo thought
it was too difficult for Americans, but it was later released
on Super Mario All-Stars, which had Super Mario Bros. 1,2,3, and
the Lost Levels. Because of the SMB:tLL comotion, Nintendo edited
an already made game, Yume Kojo:Doki Doki Panic,
which translated to Dream Factory:Heart-pounding
Panic. This was edited, Mario-style, and became
Super Mario Bros.2, known in Japan as Super Mario
USA. Super Mario Bros. 3 was released 2
years later, with game-changing
elements, such as Super Leaves and
The Koopalings. The Super Nintendo came out in 1991, bundled with Super Mario World. This game introduced Yoshi, one of the most popular Mario characters. The Super Nintendo also introduced the ever-so-popular
Mario Kart series! Miyamoto went on to do bigger, better things (a.k.a. the Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube [which is in my opinion the second-bestNintendo console, with the WiiU in first.]). The N64 introduced 3D graphics, and the Gamecube improved upon them. The Wii came out in 2006, and it defined a whole knew generation.
It hosted both of the Super Mario Galaxy games, and announced
Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It weaved Kirby's Epic Yarn, and it ran off
to Wii Sports Resort. It wasn't until 2012 that the WiiU came out on
November 18th, and pushed the Wii out of its place. Shigeru Miyamoto is considered a genius in video gaming, and he's still going strong. Bibliography
Burns, Jan. Shigeru Miyamoto: Nintendo game designer. Detroit: KidHaven Press, 2006. Print.
"Shigeru Miyamoto." Wikipedia.org. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2013. <en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shigeru_miyamoto>. Images
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