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The Byzantine Empire

No description

Gabriel Elder

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire
Chapter 9 Section 3
art and architecture
trade and travel
Byzantine women
Constantinople gateway of trade to the west.silk roads leads from Constantinople to Changan. They traded containers, oil, wine, honey, pottery, cinnamon leaves, camphor, jade, textiles and exotic souvenirs
Trade and Travel
marriage was the usual path for most all Byzantine women. Women tended to marry early. They ran businesses. Women spent the greater part of their life at home. They had lots of power. Theodora was the wife of Justinian and she ruled by his side. She helped transform the city of Constantinople.

Byzantine Women
The most distinctive feature was the doomed roof.Their architecture was based on the great legacy of Roman formal and technical acheivments.The fall of Constantinople influenced art and architecture of other Eastern Orthodox countries.Under the reign of Justinian Byzantine architecture reached its peak.
Justinian was born in Tauresium in 482 B.C. He lived until he 565 B.C. Justinian came into power at age 44. He gave women rights such as the right to own lad and to buy it. He reigned over Italy, Northern Africa, and Persia. He wrote the laws to preserve it.
art and architecture
Rise of The Byzantine Empire
In AD 324, Constantine 1, the first catholic Roman emperor, defeated the east emperors of Rome. This new era was known as the early Byzantine period. Constantine 1 founded a new capital of Rome, Constantinople, on the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium. The people who lived here were Greek speaking people but still considered themselves roman citizens.
The Byzantine Empire was one of the most successful and important empires. It existed for about 1,125 years.
Byzantine Facts
By: Monica Dao, Gabriel Elder, Morgan Hicks, Lindsay Clark, and Alex Denton
Justinian expanded the empire by a lot. He was a great leader by leading his people, but some people were not happy with him because of taxes and they had chariot riots.
Byzantine Facts
The downfall of the Byzantine Empire happened because of new westerners. They were not warriors, but small farmers.
Byzantine Facts
The poor were mocked because they couldn't afford the cheapest caviar.
Constantinople was the largest and wealthiest city in Europe.
They would lead much of the world in art, science, and building.
Also they were one of the most powerful nation in South East Asia
Byzantine Fun Facts
Map of the Byzantine Empire
10 Interesting Facts About The Byzantine Empire-listverse.com
Byzantine Empire-History.com
The Byzantine Empire-By KidsPast.com
Trade and Commercial in the Byzantine and Early Islamic Middle East.
Middle Ages for Kids: Byzantine Empire-Ducksters.com
mosaic- picture made from many bits of glass,tile or stone.
regent- a person who acts as a temporary ruler.
saint- a christian holy person
tribonian- a leader of a group of legal scholars.
Roman general.
He reorganized the Byzantine army.
When ever he replied to soldiers he would be on cavalry.
He lead 5,000 troops.
When he was appointed to lead the army he defeated the persians in the battle of Dara.
Emperor of the Byzantine in AD 527 - AD 565
He controlled military, made laws and was a supreme judge.
Made the Justinian code.
Theodora was Justinian's wife. She started as a lower class woman but rose to Empress. also she gave women more rights.
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