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DIOR J'adore

No description

Emociones Audrey

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of DIOR J'adore

DIOR J'adore
WHO the ad is aimed at
WHAT is being advertised
The product is
a perfume
which was launched in 1999.
This is the second TV spot of the product.
fragrance is the flagship product of the brand.
WHAT is specifically highlighted about the product in this ad
The benefits and qualities of the products mentioned
through this advertising:

reputation and credibility
of the product
- appearance of famous stars and who are recognized
(Charlize Theron , Grace Kelly , Marilyn
Monroe, Marlene Dietrich)

- luxury product, luxury brand with
precious materials

These qualities are represented in a non- verbal language (no text). Images are strong enough to make words useless. They are as powerful as what they mean...
WHY this helps sell the product
In this spot, there is no text except for the brand name and the product name, which induces a very specific memory.
WHERE/WHEN this ad might appear in order to reach its target audience
This ad may appear on
- Leading
TV channels
(evenings and weekends)
before the movie
- on the
and on the
website of Dior
- in the
points of sale
where the brand is shown .
Spot J'adore Dior
Agency: TBWA Paris
Advertiser: Dior
Product: Perfume J'adore
Actress: Charlize Theron
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Music: "Heavy Cross" Gossip
Country: France
Release Date: 2011 - 2013
Duration: 1:30

I chose this spot because it promotes a global best selling perfume. With analysis, it exposes different advertising technics influencing consumers. This spot has been the buzz and is a good example of an effective advertising.
Black , the color of luxury and sobriety

Golden dominant color
: power , material wealth , luxury, fertility , heat , divine color
: confidence

It is the color of God which refers to the Sun , the color of immortality. We deduce in this case that the actress is a goddess and has a timeless fragrance.
This color affects the emotional state of the viewer who tends to regain self-confidence or even self-esteem. .
" Heavy Cross " from The Gossip
electro -rock, dynamic rhythm
Captivating music with bounce (1:12)
It’s a funny way, to make ends meet
when the lights are out on every street
It feels alright but never complete without you
I trust you, if it’s already been done, undo it
It takes two, it’s up to me and you to prove it

C'est une façon amusante de joindre les deux bouts,
lorsque les lumières sont éteintes dans chaque rue,
On se sent bien mais jamais complètement sans toi,
Je te fais confiance, si ça a déjà été fait, défait le,
Il faut être deux, c'est à moi et toi de le prouver
The Palace of Versailles
Royal History
French Culture
Absolute Luxury
The Palace of Versailles , a place full of symbolism , is one of the most beautiful historic monument and represents the French art and luxury.

The dress
Dress Venus / Aphrodite, gold trimmed
The dress worn by Charlize represents the perfume she wears. The movement of the dress embodies pleasure , sensuality befitting a mythologic goddess

Women blonde stereotype of female beauty
The 4 stars , icons of beauty
Sensuality, femininity
The beauty here is represented by the appearance of 4 icons of
femininity (Charlize Theron , Grace Kelly , Marilyn
Monroe, Marlene Dietrich).

gold, precious materials
wealth of contents

The active woman
backstages of a parade
blooming woman
determined pace , self-assurance, glamour, seduction
Adman view
Business view
In this spot, different metiers of Dior are shown:
leather goods
and finally the perfume
This spot thus serves to
promote the perfume but all metiers brand

This fragrance was released in 1999 and Dior tell us that it is still relevant and it will cross the time and does not go out of style. The appearance of old celebrities with a current star refers to the fact that J'adore will stand the test of time and trends. Nowaday, J'adore is the best-selling fragrance of Dior.
This advertisement targets mainly to women because the product is made for an
adult female audience
. It may also appeal to
men or any working people
wanting to make a present to a woman.
For the consumer, the product will
have the scent of the fragrance but
also the scent of beauty and fame.
The message is exaggerated, he
recounts a dream, not reality.
Dior sells a dream...
With this commercial and The use of the image of Marilyn, the muse of Chanel, Dior commits an advertising attack towards its best rival. In retaliation, on October 2012, Chanel procures a recording of an interview. In this interview, a reporter asked Marilyn Monroe what she wore to sleep. She replied with exclamation "Chanel No. 5 of course!".

However, since 2010, J'adore has overcome Chanel N°5 and is the best-selling fragrance. Sales are increasing and the range is expanding.
Advertising technics used to convey messages :

Coherence between the musical text and the image
" J'adore " when Charlize is taking the bottle of perfume
(she loves J'adore perfume)
"undo it" when she is taking off his common clothing
(loose your common fragrance)
" it takes two , it's up to me and you to prove it " when she is putting the necklace
(it is set both to us to prove , to show)
" J'adore Dior " at that time , Charlize is looking straight into the camera
and address the audience a direct gaze. By this act , the audience is led to
love Dior as she love it.

Heard in visual
Highlighting the presence of photographers shows that the actress is
"under the spotlight " so that means the consumers will too.
There is a compairson between Charlize's body and the bottle. Moreover
the golden cap is the representation of the collar and the top of the dress .
The actress who is parading down the aisle is the center of attention. This implies that the product has the same effect on women.
Thank you for your attention !
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