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Tupac's Influence On The Teen Market

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Harman Brar

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Tupac's Influence On The Teen Market

Tupac's Influence On The Teen Market
Tupac went against the stereotypical “gangsta rap” image that was popular around his time. He was well read and demonstrated his thirst for knowledge through his music, and was often referred to as a “hiphop intellectual”.
The image that Tupac Portrayed of himself was possibly his biggest marketing technique. Today, Tupac is the face of real Hip-Hop and is undoubtedly a rap legend, inspiring teens all over the world to this date, 18 years after his death. Tupac grew up from the ghettos of Harlem and became a self made millionaire by his early 20’s. He presented an escapist image to inspired teens and the underprivileged youth of America. He encouraged people to think for them selves and not become a slave to the system, thus he started his “Thug Life” image
Positive/Negative Messages
Tupac Shakur has written many famously known songs that have nothing but positive messages written in them, and many teenagers today will go to his songs for stress relief, or something to relate too. Tupac discusses challenges that were going on during his time, such as race, gender, class, and poverty, all in his music. One of his most influential songs that contain endless positive messages is ‘Keep ya head up’, which is recognized as a feminist anthem for many black female teenagers around the world.
Tupac Amaru Shakur had his own unique look during his years of dominance in the rap industry; many teenagers were inspired by his words, but also his sense of style. Tupac’s style is still relevant in today’s society of teenagers. He was one of the first people to rock a denim jacket; this was huge as today denim is extremely popular.
Publicity Stunts
Many people believe that Tupac may have quite possibly pulled off the greatest publicity stunt of all time, faking his own death. It was known that while in jail, Tupac studied the famous historian Machiavelli who faked his death to evade his enemies, and returned 18 years later. After Tupac was released from jail, he changed his stage name to “Makavelli”, and many times in his music he hinted at his death, and that he would mysteriously be resurrected from the dead.
Other Sources of Income
Tupac Shakur made money through his music career but also through his acting career, he starred in movies such as Juice. He also currently makes money through his estate, (which refers to a deceased individual’s property and assets) which toped a net worth of 3.5 million last year. Some of the royalties coming from his later released albums. Finally Tupac Shakur still currently makes money through his clothing brand line: Makaveli Branded.
In many of his songs, tupac voices his displeasure at being stereotyped by both police officers and segments of White America. He despised prejudice and violence towards his own people, and seemed to have no problem feeding into the stereotypical narrative of the young black male to get his message across.
It's no doubt that tupac was inspired by his personal experiences, with both of his parents being known members of the Black Panther Party. Tupac was the voice for the voiceless, especially in the black community and to teens who experienced any sort of prejudice and racial un-equality.
In one single verse he raps about racism and disregard to black woman, and the fact that they do feel and cry due to interracial abuse. Still today the song influences female teenagers across the globe.
Tupac used his book knowledge and street smarts to speak to a generation who felt that they were on the periphery of America. He also expressed the frustration of being fed up with a seemingly broken government system. He was not just a rapper and actor, but was a social activist and was one of the greatest in advocating political, economic, social and racial equality.
Tupac is most iconically known for his infamous backward bandanna that he wore around his head. It is still seen today most notably by teenage sensation Justin Bieber.
The snapback worn backwards with his signature denim, and Tupac often wore a gold chain or beads around his neck.
Weather this is true or not, It still generates publicity to this date, leaving inspired teenagers talking about Tupac and weather or not he’s alive. Despite his thug image, Tupac was an incredibly intelligent man and many believe that he knew he was going to die, and devised this publicity stunt to keep his name relevant through out the years, even after his death.
The Marketing Mix
The product in Tupac’s clothing line consist of apparel that varies, such as t shirts, hoodies, shoes, shorts…etc. Each of these products is branded with the name Mackaveli. Brand names are identified with Makaveli lettering or Tupac’s appearance on the product.
Almost all Makaveli products are sold through the internet; therefore the packaging is the shipment that arrives at your location. Tags attached with labels reading the material information, and wash information, also where it was made.
The pricing for Makaveli branded is marketed towards those of upper middle class, as the products are highly priced. This is argued as an issue but the design and uniqueness of these products make up for it. Denim Jeans and shorts can vary from 35$- 90$ retail price. T shirts can be as low as 15$ to as high as 52$
Makaveli Branded is a retail that sells to its consumers mainly through online. The channel of distribution follows any typical clothing sale, from manufacture, to retail, to consumer. Makaveli branded is even sold consumer to consumer, as many Makaveli products are listed on eBay or amazon daily by former consumers. Although its products are mainly sold through the internet, Mackaveli products are sold at specific specialty stores nationwide.
Main method of promotion is through advertising, as seen on the internet, for example Makaveli’s Facebook promotion page.
Makaveli Branding also uses public relations for promotion as Tupac’s mother established the Tupac Shakur Foundation and center of the Arts, in which partial proceeds go to the foundation which gives young people opportunities through the arts.
18 years after his death, Tupac’s music is still relevant in today’s society and still inspires not just teens, but people of all different ages and races. Tupac’s poetry and lyrics are timeless and will continue to inspire teens all over the world. Tupac was much more than a rapper and far more important than an actor. He was a revolutionary who allowed music to be his instrument of activism.
Most of Tupac’s works had positive messages except a small portion of his music, specifically after his release from jail for a crime he claims he didn’t commit. During that time period Tupac’s music endorsed violence and drug use, which was motivated by his aggravation towards corrupt police and police brutality, which he was victim of.
“I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” - Tupac Shakur
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