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You have been randomly selected for audit

No description

St Peter's House Library

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of You have been randomly selected for audit

Surviving a CLA audit
You will see this through

Tools of the trade ...
Prepare for a team effort

brief on their role on the day
answer honestly
put on the spot
look at what's available
point them in the right direction
Modules inspected
8 modules

modules' codes and names
.pdfs of scanned readings - integrity & page numbers
cover sheets
extent limits
reading lists or handbooks
modules' sites on the VLE

Original texts
List of books

collect them together
ISBN-matched editions
difficulty with availability

Designated staff
Job titles

Outlook or email directory
Allow DIY scanning?
Direct people to the library services
Name: Lisa Redlinski

Contact: 01273 643941

St Peter's House Library
16-18 Richmond Place
Brighton, BN2 9NA
You will come out the other end
housekeeping & weeding

guidance online, in paper, signage
training for staff or students
emails of queries
appointments with people

Access to VLE
Ask your VLE admin to set up a temporary username and password to access the modules being inspected
comments on behaviour
it goes to the library director and the VC
follow up visit
Email auditor a report on everything you do to support compliance

module handbooks & reading lists
all guidance, including guidance on deep linking
workshop materials
all copyright statements (VLE)

Discussion about policies and procedures to support compliance
site librarians
operations manager
staff who scan & HESS
ME303 Lands
There is light at the end of the tunnel
chance to review work
Prepare ahead of time
user id and password for VLE
tea and coffee and lunch for the day
posters are up-to-date
What changed
Error & Insight
Services, policies, procedures
It was a gigantic amount of work and at times I felt foolish, but the outcomes entirely benefited Uni practice.
"this [fool] is not all together a fool, my lord"
King Lear

"...in chasing dirt, in papering, decorating, tidying we are not governed by anxiety to escape disease but are positively re-ordering our environment." Purity and Danger, Mary Douglas

Ford Madox Brown, 1852
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