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Babe Ruth

No description

Yvette Nakamoto

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Babe Ruth

An American Legend
Babe Ruth
Born: February 6, 1894
Died: August 16, 1948
Birth Name: George Herman Ruth
Born: February 6th, 1895
Teams Played for:
Boston Braves: 1935
Boston Red Socks: 1914-1919
New York Yankees: 1920 -1934
was known as “The House That Ruth Built”.
Overall Ruth played 22 seasons of Major League Baseball, and retired in 1935.
Batting average: .342
Home Runs: 714
Hits: 2,873
RBI: 2,217
Win/ loss record: 94-46
Babe Ruth had two wives.

His first wife was
Helen Ruth.
They adopted Dorothy Ruth.

Helen Ruth died in a house fire in Waterfront at the age of 31.

He later married
Claire Merritt Ruth.
They adopted Julia Ruth.
February 26, 1935: Signed with the Boston Braves.

Mother: Kate Ruth
Father: George Sr. Ruth

Ruth had a sister named Mamie.

His parents worked long hours and he and his sister were often left home alone.
Awards &

Baltimore, Maryland
Baseball became more popular in the 1920’s because of Ruth. He is known to be the greatest baseball player of
Helped Yankees win 7 pennants and 4 world series.
7-time World Series Champion
(1915, 1916, 1918, 1923, 1927, 1928, 1932)
AL MVP: 1923
“Silver bat” and “The Leagues Top Hitter”: 1924
2-time All-Star selection
(1933, 1934)
One of the first 5 payers to be selected into the National Baseball HOF.
July 9, 1914: Purchased by the Boston Red Sox from Baltimore for more than $250.
January 3, 1920: Babe was purchased by the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox for $100,000. He was released by the New York Yankees on February 26, 1934.
Batted and threw with his left hand.
Yankee Stadium
all time.
George Herman Ruth
died on August 16th,
1948 from pneumonia.
Throughout the several teams he played for, Ruth picked up the nicknames "Babe" and "The Great Bambino"
By the age of 7, Ruth was out on the streets causing trouble.
He occasionally drank, chewed tobacco, and started minor fights.
When caught by the police, he would throw tomatoes at them.
He later straightened up his act.
Ruth's parents sent him to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys to be surrounded in a stricter environment.
Named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth Cleveland.
Barry Bonds is currently the all-time home run leader with


home runs.

Hank Aaron is second with


Babe Ruth is third with

The number 3 was retired in 1948 for the New York Yankees.

Babe's worst year: 1925

Before a game, Ruth ate one too many hot dogs, and too much soda. Food and alcohol poisoning was the result of his meal.
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