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SCHR Certification Project discussion points

No description

Lydia Poole

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of SCHR Certification Project discussion points

Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response Certification Project Quality standards and accountability initiatives have had limited success at driving system-wide improvements in the quality, effectiveness and accountability of aid. Problem Statement An independent certification system for the sector has the potential to ensure aid efforts meet minimum requirements for quality effectiveness and accountability and to help provide a coherent framework to guide decision-making and assess quality and effectiveness. Hypothesis How could you benefit? How could certification be achieved? How could certification or external quality assurance improve on these? Who could benefit and who could lose out or be excluded? Background:
Growth in enterprise
SCHR What have existing quality assurance mechanisms achieved and what are their limitations? What ought to be certified? Who should be certified? How would it be financed? Connection with the Joint Standards Initiative Who would set standards and verify? How do you assess and monitor your NGO partners? What have we missed? Do the right conditions exist? How could certification streamline these processes?
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