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Copy of Apple SWOT Analysis Tree

Management Theory Presentation

Nut Thirathammanukul

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Apple SWOT Analysis Tree

High competition in technology market
Rising wage level of Foxconn workers
Poor working condition at Foxconn
Fake stores in China
Competition in online music market
Tax increase and strong US dollar
SWOT Analysis: Apple Inc.
Incorporated on January 3, 1977
Largest company in the world in 2013 : $ 170b Revenue
Mobile communication and media devices
Wide range of products
SWOT Analysis
What is it? Why do we do it?

1. High Price
2. Incompatibility with Different OS
3. Decreasing Market Share
4. Further Change in Management
5. Patent Infringement
6. Defects of new products
1. Customer loyalty
2. Leading innovator in mobile device
3. Strong financial performance
4. Brand reputation
5. Strong marketing and advertising teams
6. Apples closed ecosystem

Apple has been chosen as the most innovative business in the world for the 3rd time in 2012.
Predicted to reach $4.5 billion in research for 2013
Company’s core competency of producing innovative products
Customer Loyalty
Leader in Making
Innovative Products
Strong Financial Performance
Brand Reputation
Strong Marketing and Advertising Teams
Apple's Closed Ecosystem
High Price
Similar product with less cost
Switch of smart phone markets
Affect profit margin
High demand for alternative products
Incompatibility with Different OS
iOS and OSX have different software than others
Eg: Windows users
Forcing users by reducing supports
Decreasing Market Share
Impact in company reputation
40% decrease in stock price since Dec 2012
$300 billion worth of market value
Slow growth by 30%
Decrease in revenue for iPhone, increase in iPad
Further Change in Management
Death of Steve Jobs
Lack of innovation
Further new management under Tim Cook
Patent Infringement

Brand loyalty
Defines lifestyle
91% iPhone users plan to purchase new iPhone as replacement
Highest revenue of $54.51 billion
Net Income $13.08 billion
Earning per Share $13.87
Operating income $17.21 billion
Forbes: "Most valuable brand of 2013."
Brand value and perception
Pricing power, high price
Wide-range market
Keynote speech
iPhone 5C billboards
Student discount
Media marketing
2/3 legal music downloads from iTunes
Increasing popularity in gaming applications
Eg: Candy Crush, Battle Camp
Comprehensive variety of applications
Samsung and VirnetX
Infringing patents
Lost a number of trials
Impact brand image and financial situation
Defects of New Products
Defected iPhones and iPods
Quality control in China is not tight enough
Not worth the high price
Brand perception
Burned iPad air
High competition in
Technology Market
Rising Wage Level of Foxconn Workers
Foxconn Poor Working Conditions
Fake Stores in China
Competitions in Online Music Market
Tax Increase and Strong US$
Invest or not invest??
Thank You
Growing demand for Android and Windows
Android claimed 42.7% Tablet sales
17.5% in sales for Android
Apple's slow reaction to market
Slow innovation
Increase from 16%-25%
Junior-level : 1,800 Yuan
Manager: 2,500 - 5000 Yuan
Increase working hours
3,000 - 4,000 workers went on strike
Increased quality control
Due to many defected products
Increased work hours
Brand image
Found 22 fake stores in China
Use logo and brand
Employee wear similar uniforms
Low quality products
Purchase from iTunes
Competition from Amazon and Wal-Mart
Spotify, Pandora, and 8Tracks
1.6% tax increase for imports
Strong dollar appreciation against other currencies
1. Innovation:
- Apple iTV
- Apple Gaming System
- Apple iWatch
- "Smart Driving" Collaboration

2. Market:
- New Market for iPhone 5c
- Unsaturated Demand for
iPhones and iPads

3. Optimization:
- Outsourcing
Apple's iTV
- Apple venturing into its competition's territory. It will compete against established companies like Sony, LG, and Samsung.

- New addition to Apple's "product ecosystem."

- Builds a foundation for Apple's newly rumored gaming system.
Apple's iTV
Apple's Gaming System
Apple's Gaming System
- Already established database
iPhone and iPad apps.

- Easy entry into large market.

- Entry into market against
Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox.
"Smart Driving"
- Integration of smart-phones into daily driving.

- Collaboration with companies like BMW.

- Familiarize and encourage Apple products in automotive industry.
Apple iPhone Market Takeover
- iPhone5 attracted 16% of Android users to switch in 2012, according to Yahoo!News.

- iPhone5s and iPhone5c attracted 21% of Android users to switch in 2013, according to Yahoo!News.
- successful display of down-trading, making iPhone's more affordable to a different market
- "Apple sold 93 million iPhones last year and 40 million iPads, and the only reason they didn't sell more is because they can't make them fast enough."

- Apple looking further into outsourcing in Asia
- Besides Foxconn, Apple is looking into Wilstron and Compal Communications to produce iPhone5c
- Apple's newest rumored innovation.

- Truly innovative idea that could
possibly revolutionize the technology
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