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The Wise Old Woman

No description

mia velayos

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The Wise Old Woman

The Wise Old Woman
A Japanese Myth
Plot Summary
The evil lord of a village in Japan wants his village to be the best in all the land. He banished the elderly from the village because they couldn't do work for the village. One son did not want to leave his mother on top of the mountain so he hid her in his house. A Lord Higa came to take over their land and said that he would leave the village alone if the people could do 3 tasks. Only the old woman could complete the tasks, So when she saved the village, the evil lord decided that the elderly actually were actually useful.
Evil Lord (banished the elderly)
Old Woman (saved the village)
Son (hid his mother)
Lord Higa (almost took over village)
Village People (it's in the name)
The Wise Old Woman took place in a little village in Japan, it is a Japanese Myth.
The theme is to respect your elders because they are wise and have many more experiences than someone 1/2 their age. This is represented greatly when only the old woman can complete the tasks and then the evil lord realizes that the elderly really are helpful to the village.
1. Make one thousand pieces of rope out of ash and put them in a box
2. Thread a piece of silk through a small hole in a twisting piece of log
3. Make a drum that sounds without beating it
1. Soak ordinary rope in salt water and dry it well. When it is burned it will hold its shape and is then a rope of ash
2. Put some sugar at one end of the hole. Then, tie and ant to a piece of silk thread and put it in at the other end. He will weave his way in and out of the curves to get to the sugar and he will take the silk with him.
3. Make a drum with sides of paper and put a bumblebee inside. As it tries to escape, it will buzz and beat itself against the paper and you will have a drum that sounds without being beaten.
Rope made of ash
Log strung with silk
Drum that sounds without being beaten
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