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Awaken the Alpha!

No description

henry seppala

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Awaken the Alpha!

I've personally gained many skills since I have joined awaken the alpha. I've learned how to become a more commentate speaker and how to express my visions and ideas better and clearer. I've also learned how to display confidence and how to gain confidence. Finally I've learned how to properly sell something witch was much harder than I expected but I am glad I took the time to try this out.

What i have gained.
What skills do i learn?
Wake Up Now provides a number of services for its costumer's here are a few of the main ones.

Market place:
The wake up now market place

Vacation Club:

Taxbot is a application that allows you to reduce your business taxes, simplify record keeping, and safely bulletproof you against an IRS audit, all with one touch.

Wake up now finance
Wunspeak was created by Transparent Language its an effective and fun way to learn a new language with over 80 languages to choose from.
Wunlocal is an application that allows you to see all the diffrent discounts you can get in a 100 mile radius and then presents you with the coupon on your phone. There a currently x amounts of buisness who work with wunlocal.
What do I get?
-Awaken the Alpha is a group of entrepreneurs brought together with the idea of teamwork and environment of success, that are masterminding for a better future
-Originating in UBC, we have been growing and we are using Wake Up Now to achieve financial and time freedom!
- "A truly successful person refuses to focus on failures, he eliminates the word from his vocabulary, you only learn. Instead you focus on the solution, and visualize your self at the out come, or else how will you know where to go"- Franz Schweinicke (co founder)
- "My goal, is that for those that choose to surround me, I will bring them to the top." - Jacob Magalhaes (Co-Founder)
Awaken the Alpha.
Awaken the Alpha!
How does it work?
What is Wake Up Now?
Wake Up Now compensation plan.
Your able to make a residual income with Wake Up Now. The way you do this is by advertising for the company, that can mean word of mouth advertising to internet adds etc. All in all your trying to Create "group value" the larger the group value the larger the pay out is. For example if you have a GV of 1,170 you get a residual income of $600 every month. Every person when signed up has a personal value of 90 plus who ever is in there organization.
How do I make money?
Wake Up Now is financial wellness software that helps you save and manage your money. There is about 40,000 people in this company.It was founded by Troy Muhlestein about four years old and based out of Utah. It can also show you how to make an extra source of income.

"In 2012, U.S. direct sales were more than $31.6 billion with nearly 16 million direct sellers nationwide." - Direct sales association
We teach our team mates many valuable skills like how to talk to people and raise interest also how to sell something. We also can teach people how to us the straight line method for sales.
The Straight line method of sales has been proven to be one of the most efficient sale methods. It was created by the legendary sales man Jason Belfort.
You create a residual income by including more Independent business owners into your organization for each person in your organization you get something call group value the more group value your organization has the more compensation you get.

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