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Premier Interns 2014

No description

Emily Phipps

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Premier Interns 2014

Premier Summer Internship 2014
On May 19th, we began our journey...
The anticipation began...
We soon realized...
However, we explored the most at
13034 Ballantyne Corporate....
"I think we have some
data somewhere for that..."
Our 84 days in Charlotte were not wasted...
And Trips for Kids Received
8 New Bikes from 38 Interns...
Yet we managed to find new talents...
That our work would be challenging...
On the weekends we explored...
From Floor 5 Pods to Pea Pods
we tried other fields...
We learned Integrity...
We were Innovative...
“This internship was a wonderful experience to gain business and technical knowledge, learn about myself, explore new places, and meet some pretty amazing people. In other words,
this summer was the bomb
-Kelly Martin
You led us in the right direction...
“Thanks to my mentor, Daryl, for teaching me everything can be taught with a helicopter metaphor, and thanks to my team for teaching me
Friday lunch is the most important meal
of the week”.
-Callie Heyne
Thank you, Thank you!
"This summer on the UX team has
been a really awesome
-Monica Shum

We worked together as a team
to help others...
Our outreach was not done...
Friendship Gardens welcomed Premier Interns for a day!
We entered the Charlotte
We showed Passion for Performance...
"I Worked on an interactive
data visualization
with the support of my wonderful mentor
Elliot Laster and manager Jill Solovey."
-Lisa Sun
We Focused on People...
"We really embraced
this summer. And by that I mean we had someone ask us if we had desks because we worked in the co-lab so often..."
-Anne Talbot Downey
Without you, this wouldn't be possible...
“Working at Premier this summer has really
helped shed a light on the direction
I see my future career path heading, so I want to thank everyone who contributed to this great experience.”
-Liza Stedman

-Zack Fleming
"There are times when building software is like wrestling a half-ton Northern Yukon Grizzly to the ground bare handed.
There are times when it’s like eating delicious chocolate ice cream.
It’s always rewarding, however."
-Nolan Hester
"I actually feel like I am contributing to the
betterment of healthcare
and making a positive difference in our country, and that can be hard to find, especially in the tech world. "
-Heyden Pitser
"This summer has been a great chance to network, learn and
mostly grow as an individual
-Malcolm Jackson
"I helped save our member hospitals
save millions

of dollars through PACER projects. "
-Megan Raymer
"My time at Premier could not have been better! I learned so much about myself and was able to feel like I was
really making a difference
thanks to the way the internship program was designed and through support from my team. Thank you!"
-Shelbi Fowler
“Best Summer

with some amazing interns, glad I’ve made some lifelong friends"
-Victoria Gayotin
"Premier taught me to break the barriers, try new projects, and take the reigns of my own career path, and for that
I cannot thank them enough.
-Emily Phipps
"Thanks to Brad Proctor my mentor and the rest of my team for just being
and helping me learn"
-Matt Ward
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