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The A.D. Visit

The A.D. Visit, in this presentation we will cover all of the details on how to plan a successful visit for your HQ representative.

John Dingfelder

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of The A.D. Visit

The A.D. Visit
Visit Details
~When is the visit? During your membership drive or NMRE?
~What are the intended outcomes for the visit?
~Who will your A.D. be meeting with on campus or in the community?
~Is there a specific event occurring on campus?
~Is there a special circumstance?

Developing the schedule
1. Work with your A.D.
2. What Trainings need to occur?
3. How can you build campus awareness?
4. Any specific event(s) happening on campus?
5. How can you share an experience or tradition with your A.D.?
Around the Membership Drive
1. Info Session
2. Info Tables
3. Officer/Advisor Trainings
4. Campus Awareness
Around the NMRE?
1. Pre-event
2. During the event
3. Post-event
Special Circumstances
1. Advisor Search
2. Officer Search
3. Obtaining your list of Prospective Members
Officers & Advisors
1. Meet and greet
2. Identify training needs
3. Official chapter meeting, lunch, or dinner?
Honorary Members
1. Meet with new HM's
2. 10-15 minute meetings
3. An officer should attend
4. Objectives of the meeting
5. GK gift
Offices and Campus Officials
1. What offices should be visited? Honors College, Scholarships, Career Center, Community Service, etc...
2. What officials should be visited?
University President, Provosts, Deans, etc...
Special Events
1. Service Event
2. Membership Meeting
3. Chapter being honored or honoring a member of campus or community
4. Student Involvement Fair
1. What experience can you share with your A.D. that will give them insight into your chapter, campus, or community?
2. Lunch or Dinner meeting at a community hot spot
3. Ice Cream at the campus creamery...
1. Visiting Officials
2. Visiting Offices
2. Providing Trainings
3. Supporting NMRE team with any last minute preparation
During the Event
1. Assist as needed
2. Provide HQ Update
3. Meet and greet new HM's, Members, Parents, Campus Officials
Post Event
1. Tie up any loose ends
2. Schedule any follow-up or remaining meetings
Thank You & Reminders...
1. Work with your A.D. to tailor the visit to best support your chapters needs
2. Use your time efficiently to have the greatest impact on campus
3. Have a blast sharing what your chapter and campus are like with your A.D.
Your Presenter is John Dingfelder, A.D. for Region 8!
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