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Languge Arts Project


on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of SON

Claire is 14 years old and at 12 yrs.old she was assigned to be a birthmother. She's not so smart, but she's very persevering. In the book, she changes physically by trading her youth with the Trademaster. She also becomes much stronger and ambitious into finding her son.
The type of conflict is external, since it is against The trademaster and other people that have been affected by his trades.

Text-to-Self: Gabe goes to school and is also very curious.

Text-to-Text: In the beginning of the book it is very similar to the Giver.

Text-to-World: Claire trains to climb a mountain and reach her goal and everyone trains to fulfill their goal.

This book is very thrilling and its the type of book you can't put down. There are some confusing parts to it like the part where she got washed away onto a ship. I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the rest of the series or likes Science Fiction books
by Lois Lowry
Into the Book
Conflict and Connections
Reflection and Recommendation
Plot Summary and Setting
Claire has complications looks for her son, Gabe and gets washed up onto a ship and is found unconccious.
She washes up onto another village and her memory is lost. She later on finds out that she has a son and trains to climb a mountain and get him back. After climbing the mountain she comes across the Trademaster and trades her youth for her son.
Claire, now old and weak, lives in the same village Gabe does but doesn't tell Gabe that she is his mother. Gabe then figures out he has a gift to veer into people and feel how it is to be them. Jonas, the person that took Gabe from the village they used to be in, talked with Claire and told Gabe the truth. Jonas also told Gabe that he had to defeat the Trademaster with his gift. Gabe defeated the Trademaster by veering into him and destroying his pride. The trade Claire made with the Trademaster broke and she got to be with Gabe.
"I cannot kill someone"(Lowry,pg.371)

It starts off with Claire,a birthmother about to have her son, but since there were complications the baby was carved from her leaving a scar. After the baby is taken from her she wonders if anything bad happened to it. From time to time she visits the baby, but then she discovers it was taken. Read the book for more...

It doesn't neccesarily take
any specific time.

It takes place in dif. villages.
Main Characters
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