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Social media for media brands

My seminar presentation at The Internet Show

Alistair Fairweather

on 22 October 2010

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Transcript of Social media for media brands

Social Media
for media brands We are great apes – social animals

Social media reduces the friction of distance and time

Enormously influential - word of mouth on speed

Completely democratic – anyone can have influence

Completely meritocratic What is social media? The attention economy People’s attention span is limited
In 20 years we’ve gone from dozens of channels to a 250m
You are in a war to win people’s attention – and you’re losing
People no longer revere traditional media
People pay attention to other people What’s out there? Tens of millions of active bloggers around the world
An interlocking web of opinion and community
Around 20,000 active blogs in SA
...with around 2 million readers
Open / public network (“opinion”) If Facebook where a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world (500 million users)
3 million active South African users and counting
2nd most visited site by South Africans
Pure play social network
Closed / private networking (“maintenance”) A constant global conversation
The pulse of the real time internet
Over a billion messages (tweets) per month
Approx. 80,000 South Africans (and growing fast)
Open / public network (“conversation”) 6 golden rules of social media Be responsive Be useful Be generous Be transparent Be respectful Be human Don’t automate everything
No fire and forget
Take time to read
Reply to people Give people something they want
Not something you want
Concentrate on adding extra value Link to other sites
Share the glory
Recommend others If you’re wrong admit it
Don’t delete – amend
Never hide behind words
Don’t cheat or game the system Thank people
Stay calm under abuse
Behave like a friend...
...not a sales clerk No marketing speak
No robotics
Little editorial grooming
Make mistakes
Have some fun Any medium in which the majority of the content is derived from the users Blogs Social
networks Twitter Video
sharing Social
bookmarking Why should we bother? Forums Printing
invented First
newspapers &
mags Radio TV Satellite &
Cable The WWW Questions? Fish where the fish are
Reestablish yourself as a trusted friend
Maintain your voice
Learn, learn, learn That means you need to... Who should be in charge of social media? You might assume marketing... ...but it’s really better suited to editorial ...since you’re effectively selling your content ...rather than merely your brand In summary: Ok, so how do I actually do this? FIRST: Pick your platform(s) SECOND: Start interacting / participating Social media isn’t “free” ...at a minimum you need: - A dedicated social media champion (role not job)
- A daily update schedule
- The right tools
- Clear goals
- Even clearer policies You could go for the biggest: Facebook Too many choices? Or the buzziest: Twitter Or something niche: Ning Above all... Your platform needs to mesh well with your strategy: Facebook is antithetical hard sell
Twitter is not good at visuals
Linked-in doesn’t suit lifestyle content To really have impact you need to consider: - Advertising
- Integrating (web and print / broadcast)
- Employing
- Developing (campaigns or applications) THIRD: Measure “The unexamined social media channel is not worth running”
(with apologies to Socrates) What to measure: - Reach
- Engagement
- Referrals
- Conversions FOURTH: Rinse and repeat Social media is - by definition - about interaction
If you don’t learn from that those interactions ...you won’t ever grow Your social media strategy may need to change weekly
Get comfortable with that Media brands are lucky... - We do content - much of social media revolves around content
- We have “anchor” brands
- We don’t need to convert payers - just readers Hang on...
what the hell do you know anyway? your total number of connections
(fans, followers, friends etc) How many of your connections interact with you
(comments, likes, posts etc) How many people follow links to your site How many social media visitors sign up for services
(eg newsletter, commenting) We are institutions that filter on the universe for our communities social media fits into that vision perfectly Hello!
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