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Educating our Youth

No description

evelyn moros

on 14 November 2015

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Transcript of Educating our Youth

Educating Our Youth
For The Work Of Tomorrow

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi

Which way must I take?

Where are you going?
I don’t know.
Then it doesn’t matter
which way you must take.
Know Thy Resources
We live by passion
19th - 20th Century: “Sage on the Stage”
21st Century: “Guide on the Side”
of Learning
Information Age
At the end of the seminar-workshop, we should be able to:
1. enumerate the features of the conceptual age
2. explain the techniques for idea generation
3. explore means of fostering creativity in the classroom
4. design lessons that promote interdisciplinary learning
Know thyself.
Know thy audience.
Know thy resources.
Know trial and error
Discussion Point
The unexamined life
is not worth living.”

(469 BC - 399 BC)
Know thyself
Cell Cycle Song
( to the tune of Night Changes by One Direction)
Cell cycle occur
In plant, animal ,Protists
Living cells divide, even we didn’t really want
There are two kinds of division
Mitosis and meiosis baby
It will never change the sequence
Even when we get older
Mitosis happen in somatic
Meiosis happen in the sex cells
And that is how the cell
protects us
that will never change
never change

Living things can all reproduce
and that is the nature's rule
perpetuation can be asexual,if there is no union of egg cell and sperm
vegetative is the term applied to plants
Potato reproduce by tubers
rhizome for ginger and runners for grass fission for algae and budding for yeast
stem cutting is for the rose plant Bacteria reproduced by fission
and anthrax is among them all,
sexually they can reproduce that way
I hope you can remember all
I’m a 21st century teacher…
…and learner.
I learn and relearn.
I define and redefine.
(Ubiquitous Learning)
anytime, anywhere, anyhow
By Evelyn M. Moros
HOW do students learn best?
Chinese Proverb
“I hear, I forget;
I see, I remember;
I do, I understand.”
Native American saying
“Tell me and I’ll forget;
Show me and I may not remember;
Involve me and I’ll understand.”
Paradigm Learning Paradigm
Deliver instruction
Produce learning
Offer courses
and programs

Create powerful

Transfer knowledge
from faculty
to students
Elicit student
discovery and construction of knowledge
Improve the quality
of instruction
Improve the quality
“High touch”
Non-fungible skill
“High tech”
Fungible skill
Know Trial and Error, courageously.
Have you tried any of these?

Food Chain Song
Food chain is the way, the energy is transferred
Plants or autotroph, providing food for all of us
Consumers depend on plants of this world,
they may be herbivore or carnivore
Herbivores eat plants and carnivores eat meat
and thats how energy is moving in
and decomposers will end it all
Study centers
beyond our classroom walls
Lesson From The Geese
Know Thy Audience
iGen version of Bahay Kubo (Condo)
Bahay condo kahit munti
Ang gadgets doon ay sari-sari
Flat screen na TV, blue-ray DVD
Ipod, Ipad, Iphone.
Laptop na malaki, laptop na maliit
At saka meron pa, portable MP3
Digicam, videocam, WiFi at HD
Sa paligid-ligid ay puno ng
Six aspects of ubiquitous learning
1. Spatial ubiquity
2. Mobile devices
3. Interconnectedness
4. Practical ubiquity
5. Temporal ubiquity
6. Globalized transnational networks

• Creative
• Resilient in the face of challenges
• Able to embrace change
• Adaptable
• Collaborative
• Open to diverse viewpoints
and experiences
• Respectful of others
• Respectful of the
• Compassionate
• Optimistic
• Nurturing
• Challenge seeking
• Engaged and enthusiastic
• Future oriented with a global
• Intrinsically motivated
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