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ParkLand Region

No description

noah danielson

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of ParkLand Region

ParkLand Region Bodies Of Water Climate Natural Resources History Other inertesting facts The main main rivers in the Parkland Region
are Red Deer River, North Saskatchwen River,
and the Bow River.A wetland is area that is mostly water like a swamp like also a swamp is a wetland. The Climate in the Parkland region
unique because the weather Helps farmers
grow their crops . Weather Affects our lives
because there could be a drought and plants, animals,
even people could die because of a drought. Landforms The land in this Region was created
by Glaciers moveing across the land
scraping and forming the land. That is also
how big rock moved from Jasper to Okotokes
wich is in the south of the Parkland Region. The 2 main Natural Resources
in the Parkland regoin are Oil, Gas
and soil. Mixed farming is when a farmer
does to kinds of farming like growing
crops and raising animals on 1 farm.
We can protect the Enviornment by
by building National parks for plants and
animals to grow and live without by killed by hunters
our detroyed by buisness companys. We could recycle
more also. In 2005 heavy rainfall caused the Red Deer river to flood
some parts of Red Deer. Farmers every few years let their
fields rest so they can moist. In 1905 Edmonton became the capital
city of Alberta. The government chose Edmonton
because Edmonton is in the middle of Alberta and Calgary's
more at the bottom of Alberta. In 1795 The Hudson Bay Company
built the fort Edmonton. Vegetation When the parkland region was
undeveloped it was covered with
woodlands and grass shrubs . The farming
industry is responsible for most of the
vegetation in this region. Animal Life The parkland region is home to many
animals; trees in this region provide shelter
for elk, mouse, birds, and deer. Coyotes are
Carnivores; they are numerous across Alberta.
They eat mice and rabbits. They live in dens
made by them or a different creature like a wolf or something else. BY: NOAH DANIELSON
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