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ESBM-Saturday Morning Class-Final Project Submission

This prezi is submited to Mr. Chris Zobrist in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the course in Entrepreneurship. Please write your comments or recommendations for my work to help me make it better next time. Thanks for your watching.

Le Nguyen

on 16 April 2016

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Transcript of ESBM-Saturday Morning Class-Final Project Submission

Business Idea:
Convenient Wastebasket

Lead User
This is Ms. Ha, she's at Bud's Ice Cream.
She's having dinner with her friends.
She's thinking, "I wish I could clean my house before my parents come to visit me".
She's happy because her parents will come to visit her in the coming summer.
Personal Information
21 years old.
Female; In relationship with her classmate.
Senior at International University.
Studies International Business.
She rents a house in District 3 and lives with other 3 roommates.
Her hometown is in Hue City.
She has 1 younger sister living with her parents in Hue City.
Often goes out and takes pictures with her friends.
Learns Photoshop online for every night before sleeping.
Usually cooks meal in every Wednesday and Friday evening.
Often cleans her house once per week in every Sunday morning.
Always asks for helps to empty the recycle bin because it's too heavy.
Needs and Goals
Wants to clean her house to welcome her parents visit in the next summer.
looks for a convenient way to do housework.
Wants to save time for doing housework.
Wishes to spend more time for studying Photoshop.
Wishes to have a studio of herself after graduation.
Customer's Personas
Gain creators
Carry the recycle bin easily through flexible handle which can be adjusted according to her height.
Make the recycle bin becomes movable through additional wheels.
Our Product:
Convenient Wastebasket
Use to store the garbage.
Use as a mean to move the garbage from house to the garbage truck.
Pain relievers:
Prevent the backache after carrying a heavy recycle bin.
Eliminate the risk of falling down when moving a heavy recycle bin from her home to the garbage truck.
Customer Job
To carry the recycle bin from house to garbage truck with little efforts.
Less time and efforts to carry the recycle bin.
A moderate quality of recycle bin.
A medium size of recycle bin.
A recycle bin which is fit with her hand.
The benefits that my customer expects:
Always has backache after carrying the recycle bin.
Sometimes falls down when moving the recycle bin.
The negative emotions, undesired costs, and risks that my customer experiences when getting the
job done:
The task that my customer wants to get done:
The Value Proposition Canvas
How does my product eliminate or reduce negative emotions, undesired costs, and risks that my customer experiences when getting the job done?
How does my product create benefits that my customer expects?
The product that I offer to help my customer get her job done:
=> Move the recycle bin with more trash but with a little amount of time and efforts.
=> Save time in doing housework.
Design Sprint
Week 1:
I came to Ms. Ha's house in the early Sunday morning when she was trying to move her recycle bin to the garbage truck. I observed that:

She carried the recycle bin by holding on the edge of it. The recycle bin was too big compared with her hands.

I asked her: "Why don't you change the big recycle bin into two small ones which fit your hands?". She replied: "I has a lot of trash. And I don't want to take 2 turns for moving all the trash to the garbage truck." She also said that her hands usually get hurt after carrying the recycle bin.

After this observation, I learned that:
Ms. Ha needs a new recycle bin with a convenient handle for her to carry it. An additional handle could help her to carry more easier.
I designed two recycle bins:
I showed my design to Ms. Ha and asked her for comments:

She said that she prefers 2-handle design. But she didn't want to buy a recycle bin like this. She didn't like my idea.

She explained that 2-handle recycle bin would still required 2 people for carry it. And it's uncomfortable for her to ask helps from her friends.

=> My first design can't solve the customer's problem: Ms. Ha not only needs a recycle bin fits with her hands, but also needs a recycle bin which allows her to carry by herself without asking helps.
Week 2:
Ms. Ha required that the recycle bin should:
Fits with her hand.
Doesn't need to a cover.
Has a medium size with large capacity.
Can be used for at least 2 years.
I came to Ms. Ha's house in the other day. This time I didn't ask any question. I just simply observed her and I saw that:

She used both of her hands to lift the recycle bin up. She walked slowly and carefully in order to keep the balance of the recycle bin. After moving for 2-3 steps, she fell down. Then she asked me to help. When I carried the recycle bin, I felt that it was too heavy for one girl to handle it.

Combining this observation and the previous interview, I learned that:

My friend doesn't need a 2-handle recycle bin. What she really needs is something that could help her to move the recycle bin from house to the garbage truck easily. The recycle bin is not only a storage of trash, but also a mean of moving trash from one place to others. So, I started to wonder what would happen if I could make the recycle bin to be moveable.
I designed a new idea:
I showed my new design to Ms. Ha and asked for her opinions. She suggested that the handle should be like the one of suitcase. She said that:
"There are other people would use this cycle bin. The handle should be flexible that allows them to adjust according to their height".
I think her idea is wonderful.
Week 3:
Prepared by:
Nguyen Hoang Le-BAIU09135
Vo Hoang Thanh Mai-BAUH09008
Materials and Equipments
Since I used my toy as the materials, the cost of creating the prototype is zero.
I brought the prototype to Ms. Ha and she liked it.
She agreed to buy if I could create a real product.
Generating the idea
Modifying the idea
Making the product
Understand customer's specific requirements:
1 basket
2 wheels
1 meter of water pipe
Nails and 1 spanner
1 tube of super glue
Prepare materials and equipments:
Make the product:
To save cost, I did it by myself and asked advices from my father who is an engineer.
It took 4 hours to finish the product.
Minimum / Maximum heights: 0.6m / 0.9m
=> The handle can be adjusted at any point between 0.6m and 0.9m.
Volume: 0.4m x 0.45m x 0.43m
=> The rectangular basket helps the wastebasket more balance.
Week 4:
Generating sales
Validate the product to leading customer:
Ms. Ha likes the product.
She agrees to make payments.
Validate the product to another customer:
This is my neighbor, her name is Mai Anh.
It is about 50 meters from her house to the garbage truck.
She has troubles in emptying her wastebasket.

In May 3, 2013:
After seeing my product, she offered 1 convenient wastebasket for her. She agreed to deposit VND100,000 before receiving the final product.

In May 8, 2013:
The product was delivered to her and she made the remaining payment.
Financial Summary
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