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Adventure Time

No description

Tori Augustine

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Adventure Time

Adventure Time Who created Adventure Time? The creator of Adventure Time is Pendleton Ward. Pendleton was born on July 8th, 1982. "Pen" has various jobs: An animator, musician, screenwriter and a producer for Cartoon Network studios and Frederator studios. Pendleton graduated from the CalArts animation program, then later on, created his three time Emmy nominated, Adventure Time. Animation
Traditional animation is created when an animator, or group of animators, make series of still images which are photographed and used to create film. The process of hand animation is usually done through the use of animation cells. An animation cell is a sheet of clear plastic which is laid over a finished drawing. The finished drawing has the background of the animated scene and any objects that won't be moving during the scene. This saves time because that way, the animators don't have to re-draw everything. Born in San Antonio, Texas, but now living in Los Angeles, Pendleton joined Frederator Studios when vice- president, Eric Homan, contacted him and offered Pen a job with the studio after watching one of his videos at one of the CalArts animation screenings. Pen has said that his friends are his main drawing and animation influences. He stated that he was influenced by:
The Simpsons, Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro, David Lynch, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Dr. Tran, The Adventures of Tintin and The Office. What is Adventure Time? Adventure Time is a cartoon about a boy named Finn and his dog Jake. They go on various adventures and meet friends along the way. Two best friends living in a magical land called Ooo? How could that not be special? How about if one of them was a magical dog who could talk? Even more so of course! The setup for Adventure Time is the perfect cartoon setting in that it allows plenty of room for telling a story. Where does Adventure Time take place? Adventure Time takes place in the land of 'Ooo'. Now, 'Ooo' is the product of 'The Great Mushroom War.' In the beginning of the intro, you see melee weapons (axes/swords/etc.) and abandoned human items. You wouldn't have guessed this, but Finn is the last human. In the episode 'Ocean of Fear', Finn and Jake go into the ocean and you see sunken cars and buildings. Also, when Finn fights a monster called the Lich in 'Mortal Folly', they battle in an abandoned subway station. Prodction After the animated short, Frederator Studios offered an Adventure Time series to Nickelodeon, but the network passed on it twice. The studio then approached Cartoon Network, with Pendleton delivering them an early storyboard for "The Enchiridion", showing that the single episode could be expanded into a series while maintaining the same humour from the original short: funny catchphrases and dances, an awkward kiss moment with the princess and an "Abe Lincoln moment". Cartoon Network authorized the first season in September 2008, and "The Enchiridion" would become the first produced episode. Adventure Time is full of quirky characters who awesomeize an episode and make it all the more fun to watch! On top of that, the regular cast are a diverse crowd, with a human, a talking dog, a bubblegum princess, a vampire and a flying ‘rainacorn’. Much like the Land of Ooo, the main characters are very different and complex, creating a large amount of stories to be centered around them. Adventure Time has been on a serious roll
since it was first broadcast all the way back
in 2010. Is there some kind of secret sauce
that Pendleton Ward and co. have been hiding
from everyone else? The answer is no, but
there are a few things that the team, the
studio, and the network have done to ensure
the shows success. With a bit of internet popularity, there was already an audience
waiting for a series, so it was no surprise when Cartoon Network
announced their creation of the series, that there were many
fast-paced discussions on forums as to how the show would
turn out. As a result, the show’s premiere was one of the
highest watched in Cartoon Network history and the show has
remained a top ratings winner ever since. MOVIE TIME Fun Facts There's a little snail that appears once in every episode.
Princess Bubblegum almost never repays Finn and Jake for helping her.
Pendleton Ward does the voice of 'Lumpy Space Princess.'
Lady Rainicorn's translator has three settings: Old Man, Nightmare and Nerdy Alien.
In it's original broadcast, April 5 2010, the episode was watched by 2.497 million viewers.
In the episode ‘Business Time’, the business men are etching “Finn and Jake Adventuring Incorporated” on their briefcases, if you're watching closely you can see where the animators at the studio made a mistake and accidentally forgot one of the n’s in ‘Finn.’ Princess Bubblegum, lumpy space princess, slime princess, wild berry princess, bumblebee princess, cotton candy princess, emerald princess, engagement ring princess, ghost princess, hot dog princess, island princess, muscle princess, nut princess, old lady princess, princess princess princes, purple juice princess, raggedy princess, reptile princess, turtle princess, and zombie princess. A video game based on the series was announced by Pendleton Ward on his Twitter account. The game, called "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!", is being developed by WayForward Technologies for Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS and will be released by D3 Publisher (video game publisher) on the 13th of November, 2012.


On November 19, 2011, Boom! Studios announced plans for an Adventure Time comic book series written by independent web comic creator Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics).The series launched February 8, 2012, with art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. Jazwares has produced an assortment of 2, 5, 10, and
20-inch licensed action figures for the series, which
launched in the fall of 2011. "Grow Your Own" characters
that expand more than 500% when immersed in water
were also released. Role playing toys have also be produced,
with a 24-inch "Finn Sword" being released first. Jazwares is
also producing a cuddle pillow of Jake and Lumpy Space Princess.
Splat toys of Jake and Lumpy Space Princess were released
as of spring 2012.
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