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Development Timeline

Genectics Project

Sarah Diane

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Development Timeline

Trimesters and Milestones of a Child Development Timeline Weeks 28-40 The fetus's sense really come alive and they can now interpret their senses in this trimester. Weeks 13-27 The fetus starts to mimic life outside the womb in this stage too. Trimester 1 Weeks 1-12 Develops all mechanisms needed for life in the womb Fetus will be 6-7.5 cm long and weigh a little over 1 ounce at the end of the trimester. Trimester 2 The fetus has everything it needs to live outside the womb by the end of the trimester. It will be 8-12 inches in length and about 1 pound in weight at the end of the second trimester. Trimester 3 It is more aware of the happenings outside the womb now more than it ever has. By the end of the trimester, the fetus will move into the position for birth, which means its head is down. The average baby is 7.5 pounds and 20 inches long when born. Week 1: Ovulation to Implantation Trimester 1 During this time, the fertilized egg matures to a zygote, then a morula, then a blastocyst, and finally an embryo on the last day. These changes happen as the cell travels through the fallopian tube and into the uterus for implantation. At this time, the placenta is formed as well, but continues to grow and develop with the fetus. Week 3 & 4: Rough Outline Trimester 1 The heart is programmed to contract at about the 22nd day after conception. Then the heart continues to beat faster. Buds for arms and legs begin to emerge. Tissues fold in to form a tube looking structure to become the fetus with a head and body. The head and rear end begin to form and later four plates of tissues combine to form its face. On the face you will see black dots for the eye still developing. Nerve cells begin to form in the "brain" and the "spine". Week 8: Dependent on Mother Trimester 1 Starts to receive its nutrients from the placenta rather than the yoke sac. The placenta also extracts food, oxygen, and water from the mother and filters it for the fetus. The mother's blood is also filtered and goes through the umbilical cord. At this point, the fetus is 0.63 inches and 0.04 ounces. Weeks 9-11: Movement Trimester 1 The nervous system is still developing but now causes the whole body to have involuntary spasms. The heart and nerves are still not controlled by the brain. Later in this period, the fetus starts to kick, bounce, and leap around. Week 16: Senses Enhanced Trimester 2 The brain is controlling the heart and nervous system even more. Bones and muscles are strengthening. The toes and fingers are now developed. Now the eyes are closer together and the fetus looks more like a human being. People outside the womb can hear the heart beat. The fetus is more sensitive to touch and will squirm around when it senses touch. Weeks 18-20: Mimicking Human Life Trimester 2 Week 12: Noises Trimester 1 The fetus will be able the hear the mother's heart beat, breathing, and other organs running. (this is comforting background noise for the fetus. It will sense its mother's movements as well as all of the noises it hears. Outside noise will also be detected by the fetus, like its father's voice or even music. The loudest noise the fetus will hear is when its mother is given an ultrasound. It doesn't hurt the baby at all, its just the loudest. The fetus starts to mimic life outside the womb by swallowing and blinking. The fingerprints and genitals are developed now too. It starts to make facial expressions, like frowning or grimacing. A regular sleep cycle is in action around this time as well. Weeks 21-23 Trimester 2 Hair and nails are continuing to grow with the fetus. The fetus is now swallowing amniotic fluid Its bone marrow is now producing red blood cells. The fetus is adding fat tissue and is gaining wight. The fetus is about 8 inches long and weighs almost a pounds. Weeks 24-27: The Little Details Trimester 2 The fetus's eyelashes are formed and the hair on its head is growing longer too. It can now hear its own mother's voice and recognize it. The immune system is growing stronger along with the lungs and liver. The mother can feel movement daily now and even feel a twitch from when the fetus hiccups. During this time the fetus might start to suck on its thumb, and the hand it sucks is usual its dominant hand. Weeks 28-30: Eye Opening Trimester 3 The fetus's eyes are beginning to open. From this point on, it will gain 1 pound every two weeks. All the fetus's senses are working, helping it become more aware, and creating memory. The muscles are still maturing which results in the fetus moving more and more. The fetus is now about 15.71 inches and 2.91 pounds Weeks 32-34: Ready for Outside World Trimester 3 Toenails are now formed The fetus is practicing its breathing. If it were born now the baby would do fine, but need some time in neonatal intensive care unit. Week 35: Organs Preparing Trimester 3 The lungs are continuing to mature and grow. The fetus's kidneys and liver are fully developed and functioning. The digestive system is preparing to be on its own (not dependent on mother). The fetus is about 18.19 inches and 5.25 pounds at this point. Weeks 37 & 38: Full Term Trimester 3 The fetus is now full term. All major body systems are working, but the movement of the fetus will lessen because it will start to have limited space. Its body and the mothers are preparing for the rigors of labor. By this time, the fetus will be "upside down" in the uterus. Week 40: Birth Trimester 3 The delivery day should be anytime now. If not there should be induced labor after 2 weeks. The average newborn weighs 7.5 pounds and is 20 inches in length.
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