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Utopian Project

No description

Jess Hetrick

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Utopian Project

No currency, just trading (don't make people work, doesnt create different social classes which makes everyone equal)
Use any skill you have to the best of your ability (leads to helping other people out)
Crimes can be committed if a person does not add up to ones expectations
No school
Life Necessities
Everyone is going to use their skills to their communities advantage. Skills will be learned throughout the life time, by watching others around them and feeding off of what others do and learning from right and wrong.
Hope & Dope

This motto relates to the minor fact that if you're not all about "dope" (drugs) than you must be about Hope Solo, who is a deity to the society.
Governing Body
The government does not have laws, drugs will be distributed like welfare. Welfare to people is an income to help strive throughout life, gives people hope. In this case, drugs will help with self mentality and income.
Physical Appearance
No real houses, weather is always perfect, large, wide green landscape.
Children & Education
Children have no specific place in society because everyone is equal. They are born educated, with helpful skills and knowledge to further the success in society.
Go to community building every Sunday to get all the drugs that one needs to get through the week successfully. Conversations held amongst one another about life
Members & Citizens
Anyone is allowed in and out as long as the rules are followed. 420 people are in the community
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