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Happy Fathers Day

a prezi on why i love dad

Kaitlyn Baumgardner

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

I Love you!!!

Dads mood
Buddy Baumgardner
I love my dad because...
Even on those days when you're to
busy listening to your books on tape,
to listen to us. we still love you. <3
sometimes when you get sad or
angry you may take it out on us
but, we don't care we still love you
You do so many nice things for us, such
as hold our hair when were sick, make our
breakfast, lunch, and dinner, take us to school,
and many other things.
Am I your favorite? I helped
by posing for the camera!!!
why can't I be your favorite
i'm cute, right don't I deserve
credit. I'm cute!!!!
Hello we're cute can we join your familly
we promise we'll always love you and we'll
never jump the fence!
Why do I love my dad?
I know that you work hard for me and thats why I worked hard on this for you. I love you dad!!!!!!
Dad enjoying the prezi
that I made for him!!!
I love you Dad
suprized are you???
Everything was done by Kaitlyn
except the music which was done
by kristina but, kaitlyn picked it
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