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nadia laa

on 15 May 2014

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by Decentralization

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Our Main Focus
Definition of Decentralization
Decentralization is the practice of delegating decision making authority to the lower levels.
Allows managers at lower levels to make and implement key decision pertaining to their areas of responsibility.
Journal 2 :
by Derina Holtzhausen (2002)
Journal 3 :
by Krishna Regmi (2009)
Kuspu A/P Selvaraju 168033
Nadia Azahar 170879
Nursufi Afiqah Saian 170991
Nurul Faraheen Che Lat 171065
Kaveta A/P Mathuraiveeran 171148

> Definition of Decentralization
> Journal Finding
> Pattern in Finding
> Importance in Finding
> Critics on Decentralization

Diagram on Centalization vs Decentralization
Journal Finding
Determine the extent of the relationship between decentralization and organizational effectiveness.

survey research was used questionnaire of organizational media, public relations strategy and organizational structure, and they used three different employee populations for collected data. Ten thousand of surveys were sent to employees, and who were randomly selected from the payroll.
Pattern of Finding
Critics of Finding
Findings of this research article were decentralization in many countries, including Nepal suggests a new form of service delivery.
Journal Finding
Important of Finding
This review will mainly focus on organizational effectiveness by decentralization
Journal Finding
effects of structural changes on an internal communication decentralization function in a large South African organization.
Purpose of Review
Importance of Finding
Decentralizing authority makes an organization and its employees to behave in a flexible way even as the organization grows and become taller
Critics of Findings
Efficiency depends on most delegation of responsibility
Journal 1:
by Ezigbo, Charity.A (2012)
Pattern of Findings
Primary data : Survey method and interview of employees in three public sector organizations in Nigeria
Secondary data : Books, journals and internet findings
It is easier to put in action in private sector organizations
Decentralized communication decision making will indeed improve information flow in the workplace and will stimulate the information seeking behavior in employees
Improve face-to-face communications and decreases the power distance between managers and employees.
Decentralized process creates at work environment with a better team spirit, more workplace discussions and more opportunities for managers and employees to meet, which essentially constitutes symmetrical workplace communication.
Investigate the effect of decentralization on
health services.
Pattern of Finding
Review of current literature concerning decentralization collect health services data between 2001 and 2007
Important of Finding
Decentralization of good health performance in terms of access to and utilization of services, and participation in the decision-making process.

can be proved with the rate rising consumer health
Decentralization is help to increased service access, utilization and improved service delivery
Used Bossert’s decision-space framework
as a research method.
Develop ownership, empowerment to improve planning and monitoring, efficient decision making, greater transparency and also help to manage
effectiveness in
resources management
Critics of Finding
Journal 4 :
by Pieter L.J. Boerman a & Timo M. Bechger (1997)

Journal Finding
Pattern of Finding
Importance of Finding
Critics of Finding
Have two positively affect related with decentralized decision making in the educational and administrative is external focus and internal focus.
Questionnaire which was to middle manager such as heads of departments, course co-coordinators and so on within each college for vocational education in Netherland.

- included total population, 299 middle manager (62%) of 87 schools (87%) completed the questionnaire
Segment have own power on making decision and that makes better decision on that segment because each segment knows the strength and weakness of the segments.
Journal 5 :

by Sander de Leeuw, Matthias Holweg, Geoff Williams, (2011)
Journal Finding
Investigate the effect of decentralized control on finished goods inventory levels in a distribution system and to identify the factors that determine the overall inventory level.
Pattern of Finding
Survey and semi-structured interviews to
assess inventory management practices
and firm performance.
Importance of Finding
The inventories held at outlet level vary
greatly around the aggregate inventory at
overall manufacturer level and in this
sense bear little resemblance
Critics of Finding
managing inventory will be effectiveness when the inventory performance should be judged at the level which decisions are made and in order to inform the manufactures is by slowly alter the supply chain and introduce changes at the moment of launching new products.
Journal 6 :
by Drs. Sugijanto & Dr. Priyono (2013)
Journal Finding
Pattern of Finding
Importance of Finding
Critics of Finding
Analyze the effect of the delegation of
authority and responsibility in the decision making
and influence of accounting controls
on performance.
> Multiple linear regression test
> Sample that used in this research was structural and non-structural
> questionnaires was given to respondents as much as 65 questionnaires.
Decentralization of decision-making than the most dominant influence on the performance of accounting control system
Decentralization in distributing authority to the lower management is needed and important because managers understand and rely on the condition of the unit is headed.
Research article decentralization of authority
to lower management ease the burden
of higher management.
Decentralization helps to improve the quality of decisions making by the top management
Most favorable for raising the morale and motivation of subordinates which is visible through better work performance
Quicker and better decision at lower level
Favorable for raising the moral and motivation of subordinates
Decentralized decision making in the education and administrative was give positively related to an external focus especially adaptation and goal attainment domains.

Decentralized decision making in the contested zone within the organization is positively related to internal focus such as the integration and maintenance domains
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