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Dumbo Octopus

No description

Squishy Banana

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Dumbo Octopus

My Topic for this passion project is the Dumbo Octopus. I picked this, because I think they are really cool. Beware, this is a smaller passion project than normal, as there was not as much information as I had hoped on this creature.
Dumbo Octopus

-Deep sea
-Discovered in 1932
-Scientific name: Grimpotheuthis
-Mostly uses fins (ears) for transportation
-Tentacles are webbed and have suckers
-Ink sacs
-Ink sac is silver, but appears black
-Ears of Dumbo, the flying elephant
-Lifespan 3-5 years
-25 centimeters
-17 known species
-Similar, except for colour
-Types are: Gripoteuthis Abyssicola, Gripoteuthis Innominata, Gripoteuthis Albatrossi, Gripoteuthis meangesis, Gripoteuthis Bathynectes, Gripoteuthis Boylei, and many more (I do not have enough space on this slide)

Types of Dumbo Octopuses
-Bell shaped
-Dumbo's ears
-Spread tentacles looks like a skirt
-Eats worms, crustaceans and bivalves of the sea
-No teeth
-Swallows whole
-Wraps tentacles around prey

-No specific time of breeding
-Hides eggs under rocks
-One of male tentacles has a sperm pack
-They mate, and after, the female lays the eggs
-After the eggs hatch, parents leave
-Babies can and must defend themselves
-Oregon, Philippines, Martha's Vineyard, Azores, New Zealand, Australia, California, Papua and New Guinea
-Very Deep
-Adapted to cold and pressure
-Interesting behavior
-Flaps ears to propel forward
-Uses tentacles crawl along the bottom
-Pounce to catch prey
-Hidden from prey in the darkness
By Tagg
The eggs
A Dumbo octopus
An interesting type of Dumbo octopus
A cartoon dumbo octopus, as you can see, it has Dumbo's ears
A dumbo octopus, looking for prey
Ocean, in which Dumbo octopuses inhabit
A dumbo octopus crawling on the ocean floor
Thank you for listening!

Video of a dumbo octopus!
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