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Alex Vahle

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Sudan

A Broadcast Project
Main Religion
Sudan made up of two big religions, Islamic views and beliefs causes many conflicts making home life, and public interactions dangerous. Sudan has had civil wars and extreme crisis that have put Sudan in it's current state.
How Does Religion Affect Life...?
Sudan has a very big culture of media that comes from art, theater and traditional music. In in 1989 Sudan fell under the rule of sharia law and popular poets, and musicians were arrested, and some fled to avoid imprisonment. Theater became more popular in Sudan as freedom of speech and expression became more legal. One of the most famous theaters in Sudan, the National Theater, is located inside of the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. There's also a variety of other small music halls, cinemas, open air hotels, & italian restaurants. These italian restaurants, called Al Fresco's, provide the luxury of Italian Gelato. Liquor is illegal here in Sudan, and as such there are no alcoholic bars here. Although there are tea drinking bars which are quite popular with most people in Sudan. In very rare, illegal, & highly dangerous cases, there are Southern style parties with Congolese music & liquor. No Tourist will ever see this, because of how illegal it is unfortunately.

Pop Culture And Media
One of the most popular sports is football (Not American football). In most villages you can find children playing football out in the street or a make-shift field. The national Sudanese team had actually won the African cup of Nations in 1970, although they have not been able to do so again since. There are also sports such as wrestling & swimming in Sudan as well, although they are not as popular as Soccer.
Recreation & Activities
What Does That mean?
Their culture, compared to America
These beliefs worship superior figures, that model life and aspects that should be lived in a cretin fashion that reflects the beliefs in a positive view.
Sunni Muslim/Islam:

"A religion, founded by Muhammad, whose members worship the one God of Jews and Christians (God is called Allah in Arabic) and follow the teachings of the Koran." This group of Muslims also believe that all of the Muslims in Medima had sworn allegiance to Abu Bakr, the first chosen advisor succesor.
What is their Housing & Architecture like?
The modern home architecture is made up out of the use of mud blocks, sand, gravel, dirt and Adobe Plaster. Large wooden beams stick out the sides of a wall that serve as support and scaffolding for reworking.
"The world's biggest religion, with about 2.1 billion followers worldwide. It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ who lived in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago."
Adobe Plaster:
Composite material made of clay mixed with water and an organic material such as straw or dung. The soil composition typically contains clay and sand.
Make changes to something, especially in order to make it more up to date.



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Developed or Developing?
This country is a developing country. This is due to it's age, medical, & economic standards. Sudan is the youngest country in the world right now. It's actual age is 59 years old, having gained it's independence on January 1st, 1956.
What is their economy like?
Sudan's economy is poor, but it is improving faster than most countries. It's current GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the whole country is $89.97 billion, this is ranked the 78th largest GDP in the world. Although, individual GDP in this country is only about $2,600. This is ranked 182nd in the world. Gross Domestic Product is a measurement of the country's earnings over the length of a year, & the individual's average earnings over a year.
Sudan is a personal culture with diverse traditions and rules compared to America. Sudan is a very male centered culture, and general greetings and traditional greetings are performed by men. When greeted the man of the home, he introduces his family, mentions his health and general well being. It is also in bad taste to inquire your wife to a visitor. Weddings are very festive celebrations, but also held for several days. Much of Sudan social life is held with family. This is because, it is out of respect.
Conflicts in Sudan
Architecture compared to America
How did the fighting start out?
Can peace be achieved?
For many years, there has been conflict in Sudan, between the muslim north and the christian south. But now, conflicts arise between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan Revolutionary Front. People in Sudan are trying
to liberate themselves, but
the path to freedom
won't be easy.
Sudan's architecture is not as modern as American's. The use of steel and other resources are not as available or not as good. The common home is not a sound as our and can resist a lot less. American home standards are a much higher level in every aspect.
People in Sudan grew tired of their governments regime, and decided to revolt. Ethnic disputes have caused Sudan to start crisis.
Many wars in Sudan about the economy
Troubling issues in sudan that threaten the failing state.
Current crisis in the state’s nation was caused by ethnic disputes, this separates Sudan making the nation not well binded state.
This has become a national catastrophe

Many wars in Sudan about the economy and ethnic disputes separate Sudan as being a strong Nation. Troubling issues in Sudan threaten the failing state. Current crisis in the state’s nation was caused by ethnic disputes, this separates Sudan making the nation a weaker state.

How environment affects life
Desertification, drought, excessive hunting, water borne illnesses, soil erosion, these are all problems going on with Sudan's environment. Desertification is causing serious problems in Sudan. Desertification is causing severe droughts, soil erosion, & deforestation in Sudan. Desertification is where the climate is changed into a barren desert like the Sahara. This involves drying of rivers, this reduces the amount of available farm land for countries to use for food. Drying of rivers also reduces available potable water available to Sudan's occupants. This causes drought for people & animals, which doesn't help the fact that the African Elephant, lion, & wild donkey are already in danger from excessive hunting in Sudan. Soil Erosion from Desertification reduces farm land even more. Soil Erosion is when wind or water carries soil away from it's current location. This means the dirt that's needed for farming in Sudan isn't just drying up, it's being carried away. It also hurts the natural wildlife species that are already endangered. In simple turns, the Environment is on the decline & is dragging everything else down with it.
Sudan Is formally the largest country in Africa
Khartoum, the Country's capital, means elephant trunk in Arabic
Sudan Sits on top of rich oil reserves, and significant Gold reserves.
Sudan Sits on top of rich oil reserves, and significant Gold reserves.
Sudan had one of the first, most active, and least successful women’s movements. YAY WOMEN!
68% of kids are enrolled in primary school. (not so fun)
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