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The Guatemala Presentation

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Jonathan Gordon

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of The Guatemala Presentation

26 are living
Based off of Mayan cuisine
Traditional Guatemalan clothing is bright with many colors
Mostly horizontal stripes
National language is Spanish.
27 individual languages.
1 is extinct
10 are institutional
-Most popular instrument is the marimba
-Through the Lent and Easter holidays, percussion and wind bands play through the streets
10 are developing
3 are in trouble
2 are dying
1 is vigorous
#1 Played Sport in Country
Mayan Ball
Cultural Diffusion
Some Useful Words to know in the traditional Mayan language (Yucatec):
Termite - k'amas
Savage - k'o'ox
Lizard - huh
Love - yakuntik
Intoxicated - kala'an
Hummingbird - ts'unu'un
Banana - ha'as
Mayan Ball is the oldest known Sport in Guatemala
50-60% Roman Catholic
40% Protestant
1% follow Mayan beliefs
The main ingredients are chilis, beans, and corn
Tamales negros black tamales
Teponaztli is a traditional musical instrument.
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-It is a hollow fire-hardened log that when struck creates different tones.
-It is an example of a Mexico slit-drum and the name comes from Nahuatl origin.
Putting your thumb in between your middle an index finger while making a fist is a bad gesture in Guatemala
Loud voices in public are looked down upon
Spanish conquistadors brought Roman Catholicism to Guatemala
With them they also brought their language which is called Spanish
Gender Roles
Men primarily do the tougher jobs that make the money like agriculture, business, and manufacturing
Women do mostly domestic work but some become well educated and get good jobs
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