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Cassandra Chavarria

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of australia

australian culture
by Mateo Moreira , Yorki Mendez, Christopher Rios , and mariano barbosa

Hello we are Mateo Moreira, Yorki Mendez, Christopher Rios, mariano barbosa. Our Driving Question is :How customs and tradition reflect a Contries culture.
the australian breakfast has different things for breakfast.Some examples of what they eat are vegemites on toast,eggs on toast, oat cereal, and pancakes with peanut butter and jelly.
foods in Australia
Australia has different things for lunch. Some examples of what they eat are meat pie, fruit, and Vegteables.
australian lunch
Australia has different things for dinner. Some example of what they eat are chicken, cake, and cupcake.
australian's dinner
how is australian food different than America
Australia has different foods than americans.Some ways how they are different is that they have lots of bigger foods in America. Another way how they are different is that they have very salty foods in Australia.
Different Games in Australia
the australian people play in their country basketball, soccer, and rugby. Another detail is baseball,tennis,football, and skiing.
The position the player play.
The positions the player plays is left D, left center D, right center D, right D, right mid, Central Defensive Mid, left Mid, left foward, Right Mid, center forward.
The player does to block the ball
The player does to block the ball is kicking
the ball. Another reason is the goalie catches
the ball.
peraid clothing
The types of cloths they use for peraides are plasmados or plazosuits .For example plasmados could be colorful like blue, red,white,green,orange, and yellow.
homemade cloths
The homemade cloths for Peraides
are decorated cloths with bright color.
For example it could be light blue they
when use Plazosuits.
The style of Austrailan cloths
the style of australian cloth they use is uggboots, jackaroos,blow-fly, swagmen,tailored suits in different colors. For example red, orange,yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, light brown
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