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Lower Extremity Injury Prevention in the Sport of Competitive Jump Rope

Baldwin Wallace Honors Thesis - Jen Evans

Jen Evans

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Lower Extremity Injury Prevention in the Sport of Competitive Jump Rope

Jennifer Evans, Summer Scholars and Honors Thesis, Baldwin Wallace University Lower Extremity Injury Prevention
in the Sport of Competitive Jump Rope Quantitative Analysis - 24 diverse jumpers chosen

-Videotaped at the national competition

-Triple under

-Track the motion with software

-Forces on joints found Qualitative Analysis -Landing Error Scoring System (LESS)

-Front and side views

-Ranking system

-Results Injury Survey Overview -Importance of Research
-Quantitative Analysis
-Qualitative Analysis
-Injury Survey
-Prevention and Treatment of Common Injuries
-Continued Research Importance of Research -New sport

-Affects thousands

-Misunderstood in healthcare

-Injury rate

-Personal connection Anthropometric Data Coordinate Data Quantitative Conclusions -Individualized results

-Experienced jumpers
-Less force with landing
-More force with take off

-Lesser-experienced jumpers
-Less force with takeoff
-More force with landing

-Knee angle upon landing -Distributed to U.S. coaches

-Over 40 responses

-Chronic versus acute General Prevention and Treatment -Prevention
-Kinetic chain
-Stretching and strength training
-Listen to the body -Treatment
-Controlled Mobility
-Skill Continued Research RESOURCES and REFERENCES
•Information on stretching and strength training programs can be found at:
•Information on the LESS test can be found by searching “Landing Error Scoring System” at the following website:
•The above information on prevention and treatment of injury was obtained from the following textbook:
Higgins, M. (2011). Therapeutic exercise: from theory to practice. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company. Force
Ankle Force Relative to Body Weight ("g's") Jump Landing Technique Comparison Risky Proper -Aging jumper population

-Pioneer research started

-Increased awareness Questions?
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