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Creative Kids Inc.

No description

Andrew Rupp

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Creative Kids Inc.

Expanding Creative Kids Inc.
Radio Air Time
Television Commercial
Table of Contents
SWOT Analysis
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
Budget Analysis
S.W.O.T. Analysis
Larger Variety Of Clients
Larger Demand Of Services
More Parties = More Profit
Difficulty generating awareness of company
Growing market of people "D.I.Y."
Unexpected fluctuation of demand
Different sites for creative events inc. across U.S
Ability to purchase venues to host events
More ways to advertise
Slump in economy
Need of larger employee base

Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
Weddings & Corporate Parties
(4-6 Years)
Large Company Banquets
Company Golf Outings
Company Picnics
Wedding Receptions
Wedding Showers
Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
Expanding a party planning business over the years leads to many beneficial outcomes. Larger parties such as corporate parties and wedding parties not only bring in more profit, but are also in higher demand.
These larger parties do not have to be the end of the long term goals, though. There are many ways to expand party planning within the course of 4-6 years, especially with profit coming in.

Partnerships with vendors such as DJ's, catering companies, entertainers etc.
Purchasing a venue such as a banquet hall to rent out
Different sites for Creative Events Inc. all around the U.S.
Budget Analysis
Dances & Themed Parties
(1-3 Years)
High School Prom
Bar Mitzvah
Occasional Parties
Reception Parties
Graduation Parties
Short Term Goals are the stepping stones of this business that will provide a smooth transition to begin the growth of Creative Events. These new business fronts are easy to plan, as well as provide a concrete demand.
By contacting local radio stations and television channels, it enables the possibility to advertise the new expansion of the business, allowing customers to contact you to discuss business options.
This plan will open many new doors for your company. Through the years beyond the goals we have set, different opportunities for party planning expansion will come easily as Creative Events will be at it's peek in business.
Name Change - Creative Events Inc.
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