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Marco Polo's Timeline

No description

Amira Barr

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Marco Polo's Timeline

Marco Polo's Timeline 1254: September 15th Marco Polo is born in Venice Venice is a city off of northeast Italy. 1271: Marco Polo accompanies his father and uncle on a journey through the Holy Land, Persia,Tartary, and to the Empire of China. The Holy Land is in the Middle East thought to be modern-day state of Israel. 1274: They reach Cathany after a three year journey. Cathany is an old name for East Asia often assumed to mean China in English. 1275: Marco Polo is appointed as an envoy for the Kublai Khan and travels through China on his missions. An envoy is a representative of a government who is sent on special missions. 1280: Marco Polo travels through Asia working for the the Kublai Khan and is eventually appointed as a governor for one a his cities. He was governor of a great Chinese city. 1292: A marriage is arranged for the daughter of Kublai Khan. Marco attends the wedding. It was Princess Cocachin's wedding. After the wedding Polo took fourteen ships to Venice they made stops in Borneo, Sumatra, Ceylon and other places until the ships reached Venice. 1295: Marco Polo arrives in Venice and finds out Venice is at war with Genoa. The Venetian-Genoese War was a long-standing conflict between the Republic of Genoa and the Republic of Venice for control in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. 1300: Marco marries a Venetian lady named Donata and together they have three daughters named Belela, Fantina, and Moreta. Donata lived in Venice when she was a child but moved to China when she was 13 After a couple of years she moved back to Venice. Once Marco and Donata had kids they stayed in Venice. 1307: A copy of his book reaches France and Switzerland and Marco Polo becomes internationally famous. His book was called Oriente Poloano or Description of the World. 1324: January 8th Marco Polo dies in Venice, he was 70 years old. He was buried in the Church of San Lorenzo.
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