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Annabelle film trailer analysis

No description

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Annabelle film trailer analysis

Warner Bros
Annabelle film trailer analysis
Camera shots
Classic horror film sound effects are used in the opening scenes. When a scene cuts to another one we hear a sharp and quick 'whooshing' sound which makes us feel that things are happening fast. We also hear music which is mainly composed on the piano, this type of music is chilling yet enticing. When the mood changes and the couple move house we hear brighter and positive music which is supposed to remind us of a fresh start. Diegetic sounds other than dialogue include screaming and fight noises, we also hear a lot of creaking of doors and footsteps- we can see where these sounds are coming from but sometimes it is unclear who the character is, for example sometimes we will just see walking feet, and this confuses us but draws us in as we want to find out who it is.
Mise en scene
The clothing worn by the characters in Annabelle is a generic reflection for that time period which was 1969.
Mia, the female lead wore many blouses and collared dresses with plain pastel colours and simple prints such as subtle stripes. John (Mia's husband and male lead) typically wore plain clothing also, such as light coloured shirts and beige cord trousers. I think the clothing choices reflect the ordinate life of Mia and John which makes the story line more realistic. Mia does not wear a large amount of make up however she always looks well presented and 'made up'.
WaterTower Music is an american record label owned by Time Warner and operates closely with Warner Bros. They are responsible for releasing film soundtracks and released Annabelle's soundtrack which included songs composed by Joseph Bishara.
Annabelle at the box office
Annabelle's worldwide gross is $255,273,813.
On the first weekend of release (3rd of October 2014) Annabelle grossed $37,134,255. The budget for the film was $6.5 million.
Mama, which was released in 2013, had a total worldwide gross of $71,628,180 and had a production budget of $15 million. Compared to the Annabelle, Mama falls behind even with more than double of the budget, this success could be due to the Conjuring, which shares the storyline.
Warner Bros Entertainment inc are responsible for producing, distributing, licensing and marketing all types of entertainment products. The 2008 Batman film, The Dark Knight grossed a total of $533,345,358 which is Warner Bros biggest success.
They also were responsible for distributing Annabelle.
For the first 20 seconds, the most frequent shot is an over the shoulder shot, or a shot following the characters from behind. This is because we are looking into the characters private lives so we are not yet directly involved. Also this helps us to understand that there is something following the characters, not necessarily a person but a spirit or presence.
Following from this there is then the use of a number of medium shots which zoom in, this type of shot shows us what we should be focusing on and therefore tells us that we should for example be registering facial emotions. When the shots zoom they can focus on something like John and Mia's hands together, this is to either tell us that their relationship is stronger or perhaps is being tested.
We also see a lot of medium long shots which are usually showing us what the characters are doing when they are alone. There is a medium long shot of Mia finding Annabelle after she thought she threw her away and as she is alone at the time with only the doll, we get the impression that there is something questionable going on as we were supposed to see this.
After this we see many shots which are of objects, like the doll, a door, a stereo being turned on or John and Mia sleeping. These shots will be a variety of high angled shots to close ups and canted shots. These shots are used to show us that there is a supernatural presence in the house and John and Mia aren't aware of this. The canted shot of Mia sleeping shows us the vulnerability of the two.
When the woman starts to appear we are seeing a lot of medium shots because this way we can still see the main subject which is perhaps sometimes Mia and the baby but we can also see some background and other subjects, like the woman in the white gown.
Towards the end we see shots which transition between medium shots and close ups. For example when Mia is sewing we see that through a medium shot however the shots will then change to a close up of Annabelle and so on. This is to indicate to us that Annabelle is the cause for Mia stabbing her finger and for the door locking.

Throughout the trailer the pace, overall structure and mood of the editing changes from slow to fast to slow and then to fast again.
In the beginning the editing consists of continuity editing which gives the trailer order and a narrative.
At the beginning the scenes will quickly fade out to a new one, this creates suspense. Jump cuts are also used a lot to speed up the narrative process, they are sometimes used to also distort the viewer and to show that time has moved on.
Throughout the trailer there is also a lot of cutting on action, where we see a medium shot of something, mainly a character in deep thought and the frame will zoom in and this will be cut as another shot.

The main prop is the doll Annabelle. A possessed doll is a notoriously horror themed object as people find the innocent doll like shell to be deceiving. The setting of the film is based in a 'normal' suburban area with a inner city nearby. There is a church and a hospital which is the norm in most places. The lighting in the beginning is dark as it is night time and this matches the themes at the time. When the couple move nearly all of the scenes are shot in broad daylight which is representing a new life. This then changes back to dim shadow casting lighting when supernatural occurrences begin to happen, however as time progresses the lighting becomes brighter even though the themes are still dismal, this isn't usually what a horror film would include however I think that in the scene where Annabelle starts a fire and locks the child in the room, that natural daylight is used to show that Annabelle is a real human being trapped inside a doll and that she is very powerful.
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