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Refugee boy

Novel study


on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Refugee boy

Refugee Boy Settings dan U ENGLAND ETHIOPIA ERITRIA CHA RACTERS ALEM KELO Mariam Fitzgerald family Alem's Father Author: Benjamin Zephaniah A ''Compelling'' story. Alem Kelo is is a brave strong kid. BRAVERY RESPECTFUL ALEM RESPECTs people. Alem Kelo lives in a foster home because back home,
ETHIOPIA AND ERITTRIA is at war. Shiela Abbas Robert Nicholas -School -Foster home -Court house GOES and LIVES: Caring Loving NICE Alem father wrote a message to Alem about his mom. Alem's dad was killed by some gang.
Mr.kelo was trying to bring peace between Ethiopia and Eritria The Fitzgerald fammily was sad after the death of Alems father and mother. Mr.kelo was all over the news after he got killed. the news says that it could have been the Eritrian gang or a Ethiopian gang. Main idea: The main idea of this story is that all over the world their are refugees immigrating to a new country because Back home their countrys is at war. Alem finnaly meets his father after months of searching Alem's mother. Alem and Mr.kelo stayed in a hotel in London, and they visited many interesting places The next day Mr.kelo had to leave England because he was going to look for his wife. Alem and his father travels from
Ethiopia to England, to find a new life. Alem meets the Refugee council and they took alem in a refugee dome. Their were alot of kids from all over the world and Alem made some friends. He met abbas and the kid that talks alot. Then one day Alem ran away from the refugee dome because he was scared by some mean guys. Alem was moved to foster home with the Fitzgerald Family.Ruth Mrs. and Ms. Fitzgerald. This should not happen to people. THE END.
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