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NOC Inquiry Project

No description

Allie Haupt

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of NOC Inquiry Project

The Stresses of
being a
stock broker The Moviegoer Supplementals Conclusions Narrator is Binx Bolling who is a stock broker living in New Orleans
His Aunt Emily was very upset with his career choice and wished he would've became a doctor like he had planned to do.
Binx loved his job, but the fast pace and stress was to much for him to handle
So, Binx turned to movies and books to escape from the world and forget about his demanding job and all of his troubles How the Stock Market Works Stockbrokers: are the people who run around the stock exchange floor, helping people to buy and sell shares of a company
Stockbrokers work in a fast-paced, hectic environment
The stock brokers buy and sell stocks through computers
Stock brokers must carry out the wishes of their clients (they can have as many as 7 clients at once) Stockbrokers work in very fast-paced and hectic environments
Stockbrokers buy and sell stocks all day for their clients
Depression and other mental illnesses can be common in stockbrokers because of the amount of stress their job has http://www.stockbroking101.com/downside-to-being-a-stockbroker/
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