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The Scorch Trials

No description

Jaden Umana

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials

What are The Scorch Trials?
Well, being the second book in the series, the plot is slighty complex. Thomas, a boy without his memory of the world ends up in a room where his long adventure with cranks and world ravaged by sun flares begins. His friends, Newt, Mihno, and Teresa are all in the same position for a Program called WICKED, and they are for the saving of the planet. This group of teenagers is unique for some reason that no one knows. They are told that they need to make it to a safe haven that is 100 miles away across what is now called the scorch in two weeks after being given the flare virus. The trials are tests to find "the candidate", and the odds are stacked against them.
The Scorch Trials
The Scorch
The main setting for the book, the scorch, is a place that cranks thrive. In between the tropic lines is where the sun flares hit hardest. Turning it into a wasteland. With God-like storms, and semi-demented cranks, this place is the most dangerous on Earth. And Thomas, Mihno, Newt, and Teresa's replacement Aris. In the scorch, strengths are tested. Minds are tested. And, Trust is tested.
Minho & Newt
These two guys stick it out withThomas until the very end. They provide important advice and experience.
Minho is the strong leader. He is hotheaded yet is undeniably reliable. He is a strong ally and provides leadership for the group of boys.
Newt is the glue. The negotiator. He keeps everything together. Somehow or another this tag-team of boys is able to survive some of the worst situations possible.
The theme of The Scorch Trials involves betrayal, and tests, like a coming of age story. The world is a dystopia, and people are rising out of the ashes to save it. The question is: To break a way from WICKED or to help them. Can they afford to burn the bridge that could save everyone?
My Opinion
This book, this series always seems to please. I'm amazed at the realistic complexity of this book and it's followers. Plot twists arrive around every corner, along with occasional jumpy scares. I, myself was actually terrified of one part in the book, and I just liked it that much more. I'm working on the 4th book, and I'm still in awe of the turns, and a never-slowing plot. I would most definitely reccomend this series.
Text to World
The term population control has popped up several times recently after the mentioning of global warming and other significant events. Some people have proposed killing people to cut down on atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The Flare is a human-made virus that was released as a result of the sun flares unintentionally. That's what makes this book legitamately interesting. If under the correct conditions, this could happen.
"A man stood on the other side, gripping the ars with bloody hands. His eyes were bloodshot, filled with madness. Sore and scars covered his thin, sunburnt face. He had no hair, only diseased splotches of what looked like greenish moss. A vicious slit stretched across his right cheek; Thomas could see through the raw, festering wound. Pink saliva dribbled in swaying lines from the man's chin. 'I'm a Crank! I'm a bloody Crank (Dashner 6)!"
By James Dashner
Jaden Umana
Cranks are responsible for a large part of the plot. they terrorize many situations and add a disturbing element to the book. Taken past The Gone by the disease, The Flare, these demented humans are insane, zombie-like. They exist in the scorch after being taken there by WICKED.
In conclusion, the kids of WICKED are responsible for the saving of the world if it is to be. The revolution has started, and Thomas must decide if he will help or hinder it. They have been imprisoned by WICKED and are determined to break free from them. But can they?
"The dry wind scratched acroos the ground, filling the air with dust as the bright orange dome of the sun crested the horizon and officially started the day (Dashner 120)."
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