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John Henry Thompson

No description

Sylvia Cox

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of John Henry Thompson

John Henry Thompson
Movin' Around
Born in 1959 (full birthday not given)
Born in Hackney, England
Moved to Jamaica when he was 1 (no ELECTRICITY and no running water)
When he was 5 he moved BACK to England
When he was 12 he moved to New York City
He lived in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Harlem in New York City

Went to Junior High 80 in the Bronx
Went to Bronx High School of Science
Went to MIT
Got a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Visual Arts
Studied art at The Art Student League in NYC
Early Invention
While helping develop a computer software called Adobe Director, he wrote a new computer language called Lingo
allowed people to link computers with art
For the first time writers, artists and animators were able to use a computer language to express themselves.
Later Inventions and Achievements
Developed software like
VideoWorks Accelerator
Video Works II
language was used to make flash and shockwave programs - used with most video games, web designs, computer animations and graphics
Wrote several books about his work
John Henry Thompson
Just like one of his role models, Leonardo da Vinci, he is a great inventor and artist.
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