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Wif3 0f B@+h

Bouts the wiffle a Bath

Noelle Nelson

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Wif3 0f B@+h

The Wife of Bath By: Kimmi Duncan and Noelle Nelson Roles Questions Writing Assignment Write/Discuss Write/Discuss Tale Medieval Culture Breton Lais Celtic Folklore Origins Protagonist - Male or female "Loathly lady" Dominated by all men Men are only used as sexual objects List common stereotypes about the opposite sex Privileged upbringing Pursuit of loved one -supernatural elements Old hag transforms Inner beauty Social Women Beaten into submission Disobedience - crime against religion Loathly Lady resembles Wife of Bath Women wanted freedom/control of body over men/husbands Should the Queen allow the Knight to break his word and refuse to marry the Old Lady despite his “word of honor”? Should the Queen support the Old Lady and mandate that the knight marry the Old Lady? Discuss What do all women desire? What does the loathly lady request in exchange for giving the knight an answer? Why is the knight in trouble with the King?
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