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Why is life after death important in Islam?

How does this belief affect Muslims

Mez Munshi

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Why is life after death important in Islam?

Why is life after death so important for Muslims?
Why do Muslims believe in life after death?
The Qur'an teaches there is life after death, with detailed descriptions of both heaven and hell. As the Qur'an is the ultimate guide for Muslims, life after death must be real. What does the Quran include?
The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) taught about life after death through the hadiths.
Islam has 6 fundamental beliefs which are....
Belief in...
These are the fundamental beliefs in Islam alongside the 5 Pillars.
Muslims believe this life is a test, and after the test obviously comes a result. This means that there are rewards of heaven for those who PASS the test, and hell for those who FAIL.
Therefore Judgement Day can only happen if there is life after death, and of course a heaven and hell!
To believe that something is waiting after we die gives Muslims a sense of purpose. They try to achieve the goal of heaven throughout their lives.
Having seen the short video, fill in the table of all the things Muslims should and shouldn't do to get to heaven and avoid hell.
So how does all this affect a
When answering questions on how Muslims are affected by the life after death, think of YOLT- You Only Live Twice (including the accent).
5 Pillars
Shariah Laws
Judgement Day
Why is the Prophet Muhammad important for Muslims? What does this quote mean? What impact does this have on Muslims

“Of the good that they do nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knoweth well those that do right.”
(Surah 3)
Muslims try to live righteous lives because they believe they will be raised on the Final day and judged by Allah.
Resurrection, buried within 48 hours, simple burial and no post mortems. where possible.
Islamic attitudes toward
life after death
Learning Objective:

To understand why Muslims believe in the 'Akhirah' (life after death), and how it affects their daily lives.
Learning Outcomes:

To be able to explain how beliefs about life after death affect the way Muslims live their lives.

To be able to describe Islamic
attitudes toward life after death.

To be able to define the keyword;

Personal, Learning and Thinking skills:

Independent Enquirer

Reflective learner
Literacy Focus:

To be able to use paragraphs correctly.
Find one quote from the Quran which talks about heaven/hell
"But give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteousness, that their portion is gardens, beneath which rivers flow" (2:25).
What does this quote mean?
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