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Rap and Hip Hop

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kate clark

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Rap and Hip Hop

The Timeline of Rap and Hip Hop From 1925-1998
Hip-hop's early inspirations (1925)
Many years before hip-hop became a part of the music world, performer Earl Tucker had created a new type of dance. He used floats and slides in his new new dance style, which eventually became the inspiration behind break dancing.
Big sounds gained popularity (1940)

Before rap and hip hop, the advancements of technology allowed performer Thomas Wong used a speaker to create a 'booming sound'. People loved the sound the speaker provided. Wong used the booming sound to gain followers and fans, which eventually was a characteristic of hip hop in the future.
Break Beat (1962)
"Live At The Apollo" was a hit show which aired on TV in 1962. James Brown's band had introduced the 'Break Beat' which was a new beat to be introduced, and it quickly caught on by many other artist and was loved by fans. This helped introduce some characteristics in hip hop and rap.
Aretha Franklin's music (1971)
Star soul singer Aretha Franklin joined the hip-hop movement in 1971. She recorded the song "Rock Steady," and it quickly caught on among that society. Samples of hip hop have been found the intimate grooves of Aretha Franklin's songs.
DJ Kool Herc emerges into the hip hop business (1973)
Kool Herc began his career by playing music at block parties. This is where hip hop all started. Artists would preform their music at parties. Originally, he had emigrated from Jamaica, and he has instantly caught the eye of others in the music industry.
The Birth of Hip Hop (1974)
The particular brand of music earned the nickname "hip-hop" in 1974, when Kool Herc joined Grandmaster Caz, Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Babaataa in the music business. This is where the life style all started.
DJ Battling (1976)
A DJ Battle became a major part of the hip-hop culture when , DJ Afrika Bambaataa went head to head with Disco King Mario at a performance at the Bronx River Center. For many years since
The first rap bands (1979)
A year after rap became a genre the first bands began to form. Several new musicians like Kurtis Blow would be the first to sign up as a rapper to a major record label
Rap music is created (1978)
Rapper Kurtis Blow was on Soul Train (1980)
Salt ‘n’ Pepa (1985)
Salt ‘n’ Pepa make their first appearance on Super Nature’s “The Show Stopper.” by being on the show stopper allowed salt 'n' Pepa to gain their popularity and expand their fan base.
Hip-hop skyrockets (1984)
Hip-hop labels had just organized their first national tour and surprisingly made over 3 million dollars with their concerts. The industry gained more popularity after Michael Jackson did the moonwalk at the Grammy's. People loved the cool dance moves that hip hop brought to the table. This helped with spawning major fandom and later an MTV show
36 Chambers is released (1993)
Wu-Tang Clan release 36 Chambers. The line-up consists of Prince Rakeem (The RZA), Raekwon, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Genius (GZA), U-God, Master Killa and Inspectah Deck. There is a clothing line in 2016 made by RZA called 36 Chambers.
breaking through (1988)
After years of being neglected by the media, hip-hop gets it's big break on its own show on MTV, “Yo! MTV Raps.” Hip hop became very popular and was starting to be a life style.
Debate on if rap promotes violence (1996)
September 7th was the day Tupac Shakur was fatally wounded after he had sustained multiple gunshots while he was in a car driven by Death Row Records CEO Marion “Suge” Knight near the Las Vegas strip. Tupac died 5 days later. His death lead to the debate on whether rap promotes violence or just reflects the ugly side of the streets.
Musical theater and rap? (1998)
“Hard Knock Life ” was the ghetto anthem marked the beginning of Jay-Z’s mainstream breakthrough. This recording helped move 5 million units of Vol 2: Hardknock Life. The chorus is sampled from the Broadway play “Annie.” This is a good example of how rap and hip hop sample different genres and songs while creating their music.
While hip-hop was just becoming popular, another style formed. It was called rap. It quickly began to be a fan hit.
Rap music gained further popularity when one of their star musicians, Kurtis Blow, performed on Soul Train. Soul Train was aired on TV, and Kurtis was a hit to many people. This helped promote rap music around the world.
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