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Twain Two

John Stewart

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of 0426

Thinkling: Password: Which zoo animal
should be permitted
on school grounds? Say
"Goodbye" This Week's Vocabulary: inspector, chronology,
inconceivable, secure
miscellaneous This Week's Poem: Virtually rule-free Rhyme . . . OR . . . don't rhyme Rhythm . . . OR . . . no rhythm Be poetic. Capture the world in a brand-new way. in 10 lines or less. Now, read Twain. Through my eyes, I can see
A shooting star,
Weaving it's way across the sea,
Somewhere from Mars.
Down the street, we would run
To scratch our names in the park,
Young and free in the sun,
Wheels upon the tar
--"Mango Tree"
J. + A. Stone In thirty seconds.
how many words can you write
that contain the root "spect"? In thirty seconds,
how many words can you spell,
using only the letters in "inconceivable".
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