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Cordeliaaa .

on 27 May 2014

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About Black Veil Brides

1. Black Veil Brides is an American rock band based in Hollywood, California.

2. Members:
Andy (lead vocals)
Ashley (bass, backing vocals)
Jake Pitts (lead guitar)
Jinxx (rhythm guitar, violin)
CC (drums)

3. They are known for their use of makeup, body paint, tight black studded clothing and long hair. (This is all inspired by Kiss, Mötley Crüe and other 1980's glam metal acts.
History of Black Veil Brides 2006-present
Black Veil Brides was originally called "Biersack". It was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio by Andy Biersack in 2006 and they relocated to LA.
History of Black Veil Brides, continued
One of their songs, "Unbroken", is on the soundtrack to the movie, "The Avengers".
Andy (Andrew Dennis Biersack)
1. He was born on December 26, 1990 in Milwaukee, Wisonsin and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio at a young age.

2. He learned all about music from his father, who was in a punk band called, "The Edge".

3. He was bullied A LOT when he was in school for being "different".

4.He plays the bass guitar and piano.
Jake (Jacob Mark Pitts)
Welcome to the dark world of Black Veil Brides! In this presentation, you will learn all the basic information about the band in less than 10 minutes. :) Let's begin!
In September of 2009, they formed a new band with the name "Black Veil Brides" and was signed by Standby Records.
They went on their first US tour, called "On Leather Wings".
Their debut album, "We Stitch These Wounds", was released on July 20, 2010 and sold over 10,000 copies in the first week, ranking at No.36 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and No.1 on the Billboard Independent Chart.
Black Veil Brides was brought to the attention of Lava Records' President and was signed by Lava Records because they were "exactly what they were looking for".
On April 20, 2011, it was announced that they had won "Revolver Magazine's Golden God Award for Best New Artist" and "Kerrang!'s Best Newcomers" and was nominated for "Kerrang!'s Best International Newcomer".
On June 14, 2011, their second studio album, "Set the World on Fire", was released.
On May 23, 2011, the title track, "Set the World on Fire" was announced to be featured in the movie, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon".
On January 8, 2013, their third studio album, "Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones", was released.
On November 2013, Andy made his 4th appearance on the cover of Alternative Press Magazine for the feature story, "The Making of Andy Biersack." The issue became the highest preordered issue in the history of AP Magazine and became the top selling AP Magazine in 2013 and one of the top selling magazines in AP history.
Random fact
: His favorite comic book character is "Azreal Batman".
Stage injuries
- he fell from a 15-foot pillar and shattered 3 ribs and displaced one.
- he broke his nose on the drum riser.
1. He was born in Idaho, United States on August 21, 1988.

2. He got his first guitar when he was 10, but didn't play until he was 13.

3. He learned music and harmony theory from his mother.

4. He was inspired to play the guitar by the rock band "Metallica".
Random fact
: The song "Carolyn" in their album, "We Stitch These Wounds", is about his mother when she was going through a period of sickness.
Jinxx (Jeremy Miles Ferguson)
1. He was born on January 7, 1986 in Webster City, Iowa.

2. He plays guitar, violin and piano.

3. He got his first guitar when he was 2 years old and started playing live shows when he was 8.

4. He is heavily influenced by classical composers and musicians like Beethoven and Bach.
Random fact
: The first album he has ever owned was Metallica's 4th album, "... And Justice For All".
Ashley (Ashley Abrocket Purdy)
1. He was born in California on January 28, 1984.

2. His parents died in a car accident, so he was raised by his grandparents.

3. He plays the bass.

4. He has a clothing line and got a degree as a graphic designer.
Random fact
: Andy got into contact with him via "Craiglist" about joining the band.
CC (Christian Coma Mora)
1. He was born in California on April 21, 1985.

2. He started off his music career as a jazz drummer.

3. He is a classically trained musician.

4. He has played the drums for 20 years (he started playing when he was 9).
Random fact
: His favorite drink is Wild Cherry Pepsi.
What type of music they play (genre)
Their music has been described as: Shock rock, glam metal, hard rock, and metalcore.

Evolution of style:
Melodic metalcore
Glam metal & Hard rock
What they're name means
"Black Veil Bride" is a Roman Catholic term used for when a woman marries into the church and gives up all the pleasures of life to devote her life to God. This is similar to the life of being in a rock band, where you have to give up many things in life to pursue what you believe in. The name consists of a positive part and negative part. Getting married (brides) could be a positive time in life, while going to a funeral (black veil) would be a negative time.
Influence on teens
Every member of the band has experienced being bullied in their childhood, so they feel strongly against it. Many teens that listen to their music have been bullied and are suffering through self-harm. Many people who go to their shows tell them that they harm themselves, but they're music has saved their lives. Many people think that Black Veil Brides is "satanic" just because they wear makeup and wear dark clothes. If you listen to their songs, you will see that they're mostly about standing up for yourself and that no matter what anyone thinks, you are not useless and you are not alone.
Melodic metalcore
Hard rock & Glam metal
Glam metal
Glam metal, hard rock and punk rock
I hope you enjoyed this presentation and learned something new! :)
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