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Global Template Roadmap

No description

jennifer mcguire

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Global Template Roadmap

Global Template Roadmap
GT Roll-out - The story so far.....
Project Triumph was composed of 4 releases:
SAB Ltd and Corporate (2010)
Ecuador (2011)
Panama HR and Payroll (2012)
Poland (2013)

Now that the Global Template has been developed the project is moving to multi-deployments...
The four year plan

IPA FY15 Plan
Total GT IA days:
Romania - 150
Czech Republic - 170
Slovakia - 170
Italy - 135
Netherlands - 135
Hungary - 135
Independent Program Assurance
IPA's role will be to provide an independent view point on the projects.
We will focus on upskilling local IA teams to enable them to support the business.
We are currently developing templates and approaches to ensure we are leveraging the work being carried out in Romania and previous deployments.

The Global Template is a strategic investment for SABMiller, towards creating a more efficient and connected global organisation.

Romania Checkpoint 3
Core Team
Romania Checkpoint 3
Iulia (IA Manager)
Alina (IA Consultant)
Jennifer (IPA EU Controller)
Katy (KPMG UK)
Gary B
Dorota S
Steve H
The Global Template
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