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No description

Jamie Mason

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Masks

Two Categories: 1. Functional-Has a use (function)
2. Non-Functional- Has NO function Mask of Other Cultures Other Types of Masks... All About Masks Various Functions Protective masks
Help with breathing
Religious Purposes
Celebrations China
Japan Super Heroes
Wrestling Masks
Face paint
Inspiration Protective Masks Surgical Mask Umpire Mask Modern Goalie Mask Paintball Mask Breathing Masks Oxygen Mask Snorkel/underwater mask Gas Mask Decorative& Fashion Africa
Greece Mardi Gras Movie Masks Crazy Fashion Decorative Religious Various Ceremonies (Native American) Indian Gods Celebrations Chinese New Year Dia De Los Muertos CHINA INDIA JAPAN AFRICA EGYPT GREECE Super Heroes Wrestling Face Paint Beards Fencing Mask Masquerade Party Inspiration
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