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Your life...your vision

No description

hytham Aziz

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Your life...your vision

Health, Career, social, spiritual life. Balance 2030 Jobs will change ! Giri A quote what they thought would be the year 2000 in 1961 "Your house will probably have air walls, and a floating roof, adjustable to the angle of the sun." Homo sapiens Life satisfaction= Pleasant life+Engagement+Meaning Simple solutions are best solutions, LS=PA+E+M Martin Seligman, Director of Psychology department, Pennsylvania Uni. 3% 12% 85% Global Happiness Report, 7% 42% Social life Health 7.6 3.4 40x 28 yrs income 2005 2011 25% scale is 5 Bad News,
Income... Ur quest We deny our own beauty because others can’t or won’t recognise it. Instead of accepting ourselves as we are, we try to imitate what we see around us.

We try to be what other people think of as ‘pretty’ and, little by little, our soul fades, our will weakens, and all the potential we had to make the world a more beautiful place withers away.

We forget that the world is what we imagine it to be. Technology development is doubling every year.

The world is running into growth and exponential growth in every aspect, but remains the quest of being fulfilled through balance.
Ray kurzweil We aren't feeling enough, there is some kind of anesthesia at the moment, our cultural joy is no way to be seen.

If there r things we see that we don't like about our culture then we have a choice. Chris Jordan
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