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James McDonald

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Switzerland

National features
Sight's to see in Switzerland
Because Switzerland is quite a small country, its attractions are near each other and can be easy to reach. Here are three things to see in Switzerland.
Basic facts:
Area: 41,285 km2
Capital: None / Bern
Largest city: Zürich (87,88 km²)
Population: 8.081 million
Currency: Swiss franc
Language: Switzerland has 4 languages: German, (most used) French, (spoken on the western side) Italy (in some southern parts) and Rhaeto-Rumantsch.
President: Simonetta Sommaruga
Switzerland started having a democracy system in year 1848. Switzerland doesn't have a king or a queen. Switzerland has had about 100 presidents in 126 years. Switzerlands first president was Jonas Furrer, who ruled for two years. Switzerlands president's usually change yearly. Switzerlands current president is Simonetta Sommaruga.
Jonas Furrer
Simonetta Sommurga
Picture of Bern
Switzerlands biggest city is Zürich. Zürichs area is 87,88km² and has a population of 383,708 people. Zürich
is located in the Northen part of Switzerland and beside lake Zürichsee.
Other big cities are
Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, Lucerne
Winterthur and St. Gallen.

Here you can see the languages used in Switzerland.
Switzerland doesn't really have a capital, but some people might say Switzerlands capital as Bern. Bern is located on the North West part of Switzerland. The city has 139, 321 people and a area of 51.6 km². Bern has also alot of attractions.
Other big cities
1) The Jungfrau Region
Located in Bern/Valais, The Jungfrau Region is a scenery of three mountain peaks, (the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eigerand), green valleys and a breath taking view.
2) Chateau de Chillon, Montreux
Located on the Lake Geneva, walk by the lakeside and see the Chillon Castle or
take a tour of the castle and explore the rooms, dungeons and weaponary from the 11th-century (1100). The sight can easily be reached with a train or a trolley bus.
3) Fasnacht Spring Carnival, Basel
The 3-day Spring Carneval located in Basel. People dress in colourful costumes and masks and parade on the streets. Cafes and bars are open all night while candy, confetti and sweets are thrown to the crowd.
Switzerland's flag
National flower
cross with a
backround represents faith in Christianity. The flag traditionally stands for freedom and honor.
Eventhough Switzerland doesn't have an official flower, the flower Edelweiss is considered as a unofficial national symbol. It's also a quite famous flower in Switzerland.
National Anthem
Switzerland doesn't have a national animal.
By Kalle Stenius 5a
facts.co Switzerland
Science Kids- Switzerland
-Sitzerland facts andfigures
Interesting facts
Switzerland has been independent since 1499.
Switzerland is more populated than Finland, eventhough Finland is 7 times bigger in area.
Switzerland makes half of the worlds production of luxury watches. (including Longines, Patek Philippe, Rolex, TAG Heuer and Tissot)
There are more than 1500 lakes in Switzerland, which hold 6% of Europes fresh water. Some of the biggest lakes are Lake Geneva, Lake Constance and Lake Maggiore. Switzerland also has long rivers, the longest river is Rhein, that is 375 km long.
Switzerland doesn't connect with any sea, it is surrounded with other neighbouring countries.
Switzerland's neighbouring countries are Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy and France.
Sea level picture
Switzerland is a very mountainous country with 208 mountains, over 3000m high and 24 that are over 4000m high. The highest is Monte Rosa, with a height of 4,634 m. However Matterhorn mountain (4,478 m) is the most famous.
Monte Rosa
Some of the most popular sports in Switzerland are skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering.
Lake Geneva
From July to August, the tempreture is around 18° to 28° C and from January to February its -2 to 7°C. Winters used to be cold and snowy in Switzerland, but nowadays ski resorts would not survive without artificial snow (fake snow). In summer the temperatures rise up to 25° to 30°C.
Switzerlands most common religion is Christianity.
Islam is also a minor religion in Switzerland.
Switzerland mostly gets it's money from chocolate, cheese, watches and and tourism in alpine mountain areas.
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